Predator: Concrete Jungle Reference Material

These are great! I've never seen these pictures before. I've always wanted to make the dark blade upgraded glaive, but can't find a decent picture anywhere.


Thanks for the pics! I picked up playing this game again when Predators came out, and I play almost every day for a bit. I also keep beating my previous times, so now I use more stealth staying up on the rooftops uncloaked to conserve energy for cloaking, stalk prey, drop down and stealth kill them, then back to the rooftops. Not hurrying makes it even more Predatoresque, IMO :D

Guan Thwei

Elite Hunter
sweet thanks bro and they came out great
You are very welcome man I hope that this comes in handy and someone is willing to sculpt one of the two bios from the game. I might tackle it down the road after my suit is done as well.