Predator Deal Gone Bad

supa troop

It pains me to have to do this, it really does but ive just had enough now of lies, excuses and blatant attempts to make me feel bad with tales of Hunger amd povety living.

During the run up to christmas my misses asked was there anything particular id like for christmas as an extra present, id been browsing here and came across a really good thread of someone offereing Predator Masks Finished and ready to wear.

Id always wanted a Predator Head to display, the ultimate being a 1:1 Bust but anyway i thought the head would be a cool start.

So the misses agreed she could afford an extra gift for me and i made contact with the seller, i told him it was a gift for me from the Misses and i was assured the Head would be with me well in advance of Christmas, So the Misses Paid in Full + a little extra for a Finished head all painted and foam filled ready to display.

I then set about getting the extra Bits i needed to finish the mask off to make a Full Predator head, Quills, glass eyes Dredds and Dredd beads.

As Christmas was drawing closer i began to wonder where the Mask was as i had not heard anything since placing the order and paying in full so i contacted the seller and asked were their any updates, after a few days he contacted me saying there was a problem and he was very sorry but the mask wouldn't be ready until the new Year roughly second week in.

I thought ok i can live with that no worries so was happy to wait. I then had the idea of buying in a Male torso hoping i could paint it up and perhaps mount the Head once it was all complete, so i posted here asking a question about the Male Torso.

The seller of the mask saw this post and Contacted saying he could help with the torso if i were to help him in return.

He is just starting out in the Prop Making industry and wanted to build up an impressive Portfolio to show people his work and wanted to use my Mask as a base for a nice display piece, so he could take pictures for his porfolio.
Intriqued by this i asked what he had in mind, the seller said that if i were to send him the Torso and all the other Pieces to make a complete head he would construct a 1;1 bust (basically my dream display) at no extra cost and by way of an apology for missing the Christmas deadline.
I asked how long this would take and if he could quarantee me that it would be done For My Birthday which was March then, yes i would go for that.
I had a message in January stating the Mask was all finished apart from the beads and quills and he was now constructiing a new new torso as the one i sent he felt was too small, however we were still on schedual for a march completion date.

Every couple of weeks id send a message or txt asking if everything was ok and always made the point of saying how appreciative i was of his gesture and always offered extra payments, sometimes i would get a reply but more often than not id get no replies at all.

With a week to go before my birthday, with no major updates or photos of works in progress i sent a txt asking if the bust would be ready, i got a reply saying unfortunately due to bad weather, money problems and no materials he had to put a halt on the work but was due to recommence shortly and could he have more time.
Dissappointed by this i was in 2 minds wether to halt the deal and ask for everything back or give him the benefit of the doubt.

After a few txts back and forth it was agreed i gave him more time and another completion date was set, that came and went and yet more time was agreed until Today .................. ive now had enough and asked for everything back By this Friday.

There has been nothing but excuse after excuse and although very greatful for the gesture of a Bust i just want what my misses paid for and the extra £350 worth of materials i sent.

The truth basically has finally come out, it turns out this guy takes on commissions but then has to sell other products to fund those commissions, so unless he sells he cannot afford to finish other work and projects.

I have basically been waiting for an item that was never going to arrive on the specified or agreed dates, if at all, until this guys had sold enough raw masks to buy the materials needed to finish my mask, and other projects

Ive had every excuse thrown at me from Bad Weather, to living on the bread line, he begged me not to tell anyone of this bad experience because it would harm his reputation and cause mis trust amoungst other potential buyers ............... but what am i to do, surely everyone has there breaking point and mine has come

5 months is surely Long enough but to find out the guy making something for you has got no money to even buy the materials he needs is surely taking the piss !!!!!!


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Sorry you have been ripped off.


WHO is it? how are we too look after each other if we do not know who is doing this?

supa troop

My initial thought was the guy would know who this was aimed at and see it as a warning however as per the rules of this forum the sellers name is Bweapon (paul) from the UK


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I hoope he responds to you and do right by you in a very timely fashion.
he's risking getting banned form both forums here and the RPF. and knowing how hes trying to sell there too, that wont bode well for him. once banned here and at the RPF. He will have a hard time selling anything anywhere else due to high volume of members here and at the rpf . And since we always look out for each ohter word of mouth will extend to other forums as well. leaving him to sell only on ebay. and there he can't sell items he doesnt have.

supa troop

i do feel bad for doing this, i mean its his livelyhood here at stake but im just fed up now and so disappointed .............. what else could i do !!!!!


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EVERYONE has real life issues that crop up, BUT if you are PAID to do something or AGREE to a trade etc, then ******* man up and do what you said you would, do not pussy around for months or longer.

YOU agree to a deal, go through with it, and **** doing other projects until you have supplied the goods you were paid for, its really simple, they money you have sent for a mask FAR FAR exceeds the materials he would use, and as for the rest well............thats his problem.

You are perfectly in your rights to bring this up, and as Lem said, a ban here will also mean a ban on the RPF.

Either way HE has ruined his reputation , no one else.


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They count on the buyers good nature. always!
dont feel bad.
I dont care whats hes gone thru .short of a family member dying the rest are only excuses.
I'm going to laugh if he comes in here saying: "you dont kn ow what I have been thru lately."


[background=rgb(245, 245, 245)]I also purchased from bweapon, and I have not received anything, but I am confident, has also opened a discussion to vedee the mask thatis preparing me.
I am waiting since November, and I hope with all the care that is heard at the earliest, is a good guy and I do not want to cheatanybody, we try to have faith.
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supa troop

im sorry if my thread is causing trouble, but this is a well respected Forum and i'm always recommending it to people, if i can save anyone from being ripped off or duped into a deal then thats good and it makes me happy, sometimes something that sounds to good a deal to be real tends to be a crock of poo, sadly it seems a got duped ..............

also just to clarify my original deal was just for a finished Mask at a cost of £260 but i have also sent Bweapon £350 worth of materials so in reality i stand to lose £610

there is also another member here who i wont name who stands to lose out too in a similar deal


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what a dick head,find him and pay a visit or get the police involved and report it as the theft it is...people like tis boi my piss,no wonder theres little or no trust any more.


You don't have anything to be sorry for. I have been ripped off too many times and it sucks. By you doing this you are protecting the rest of us, which all of us should be doing. I hope you get your money back.


You have to call it as it is my friend-- if you gave this person ample opportunity (and it sounds like you did) to make things right and they didnt do it and just kept giving excuses-- then its on them-- not on you.
You are just doing everyone here a good service by bringing it out into the open. Now he is going to have to man up and make things right or burn out and fade away---


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I think you did good, money doesnt sprout from a tree you know, and getting ripped for a big amount of money like that it piss everyone, i hope you get your money and props back, since it was a present it has more sentimental value than something you bought yourself, and now that you made it public i think he owes the lair an explanation and apology, if not then let the moderatos choose his fate


I agree with what's already been said. Totally.

I always cringe when I see threads like this - especially when they're posted by nice people who are CLEARLY being taken advantage of.

You've done nothing wrong, and you surely shouldn't feel sorry about anything that's gone on with this deal. I pretty much knew where the original post was headed when you said that he'd missed the Christmas deadline, and New Years deadline - and then you mentioned "March." So, yeah... I've seen this all too often unfortunately.

For most of us, money doesn't come easy, so if I were you I would fight tooth and nail to get yours back. Whoever this guy is, IF he really cared about his reputation or his "livelihood," there wouldn't be this kind of a post in a forum for prop enthusiasts. From my viewpoint, he made waaaaay too many excuses and not enough props. Sure, real life does happen and sometimes it takes precedence over stuff like this - BUT, there's only so much you can take before you're like "what the ****, man? Really?" Also, I think you should have trusted your gut. I know - hindsight and all, but if you get that same feeling with future deals then by all means back out and ask for your money back. Like you said, if somethings too good to be true, it probably is.

I will say this - this topic will save others from making deals with this fellow, so you can pat yourself on the back for that.