Predator Deal Gone Bad

Well i thought i'd update the thread, this has been one of those nightmare projects that don't come along very often thank god, lol, at first i thought it was going to be a simple repaint, but its grown into a bloomin big job, first up was removing the paint, this had been brush painted with acrylics, no prosaide or latex base added, just straight acrylic paint, you cannot paint a mask or bust without at least a pros aide primer or a latex mix to make the paint bond to the mask

Here you can see i have started picking off the paint, this took around five hours just to remove it.

finally i got most of it off, the rest came off with some thinners

right, just repaint now right, noooooo, lol, you can see black areas under the latex, the latex was really thin in these parts and underneath was car body filler! well thats what it lookedc like, i had to carefully cut these sections out, then i made a mould of a similar area in the sculpt and made a latex piece to cover those areas, i couldn't leave it there as it would have caused problems down the line as the latex was paper thin in these area's, and would have cracked and peeled.
next i dug out the wonky eyes, these had been superglued in place anbd epoxied to, a hell of a mess

So i cleaned them up and after a few passes with thinners etc got them nice again

So now to the repaint
so i started with a pros aide primer, then a latex/acrylic basecoat, i like to switch back and forth with the two, once the basecoat had dried i sponged on more prosaide then started detailing with fw acrylics, i went darker on the crown than i normally would to help disguise the repaire, you can't really see it but i know its there

spotting underway

mouth underway

The eyes were set to far back in the head, i sat them forward and created a new eyelid for each eye


i've attached the mandibles and am now blending them into the head, next is quills, and then those damn dreads, has taken a lot longer than i thought to fix, but the finish line is in sight now
cheers, well today i finished up the teeth, and most of the mouth detail,then i drilled were the quills were going and added them, next is fixing up the paint around the quills then tackling those dreads



That's coming out really great!
Only suggestions though, I think the top of the head could use maybe a few smaller spots added in between the larger spots.
And the left eye looks like it only needs to be tilted up just a tad, but definetly is looking great!

Much better than before :) can't wait to see it finished!
i think the eyes are ok, its sitting wonky on the base so that may be throwing it of, but yeah i'll add a few smaller spots to the crown


It turns out you can polish a turd! I'm amazed at the level of work and dedication that has gone into fixing this.
cheers guys, it has been a hell of a project, everything the previous guy did paintwise is gone, now i'm looking at the dreads, nearly all of them need refinishing, theres hard foam on the tips and in other places, tears and other problems, just a mess


Wow mate great work in restoring this from the dreadful state,supa will be a happy chap when he sees it ;-)

supa troop

Firstly i just want to say how much i appeciate all the hard work Ian has done to this Pred Head.

When it first arrived i couldnt see no alternative but throw it away, however Ian stepped in, i know he wishes he hadnt now lol as the task was huge, but he has done an absolutely fantastic job, and Now i have a Pred Head i can be proud of....

Ian as truly been Awesome and words cannot express enough how happy i am.

Thank you Ian


It really is nice to read posts like this after a shitty week all around. Hats off to you Ian and congrats on sticking it out supa!