Predator eyes - Type of Contact?

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by Huntress, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Huntress

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    Wondering what type of eye shape/style people are using for there contact lenses when they wear their predator head?

    Likely going with 9mmsfx lenses.

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  2. Predator5791

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    I was looking at those same sclera contacts and was hoping somebody here has purchased something similar, as I'd love to see some pictures as a reference before I purchase my own.
  3. Huntress

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    Those the the ones that completely cover your entire eye, I know some Star Wars people that wear them so their eyes are fully black, they can only do it fora a couple hours in a day then its too painful and often cannot do multiple days in a row as they are really uncomfortable to wear.

    Why do you want to cover your entire eye? you won't see much else of your pupil with a coloured/painted contact covering your own in your mask.

    I went with the company 9mm sfx and I chose the Vamprye Desert Reaper lens for my Huntress. Here's the final end product in my eyes. These are 14.5 diameter lenses bigger than my pupil.


    In the head with my eyes blacked out around.

    9mm Sfx Custom Theatrical Contact Lenses
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  4. Predator5791

    Predator5791 Unblooded

    I see what you mean; once you have the black makeup on behind the mask, it's difficult to see anything other than your pupil & iris. I'm considering sclera lenses as that's what they used in the film, though I'm apprehensive because they are pricey and from what you've demonstrated, not very noticeable, so the investment is questionable. Here is a picture of the actor behind the predator mask, and the sclera contacts I've considered purchasing:


    These contacts go for around $175 per lens. It all depends on how noticeable they are, which is why I hope to see them on an actual cosplayer for reference.
  5. MystxXxHunter

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    Sclera contacts can be dangerous because it prevents the eye from breathing. They should be taken out every hour for about 30 min. And possibly moistened. Also getting contacts that are custom fitted to your eye will help to not irritate the eye. Best thing to do is go get a free eye exam and they should be able to give you the rx for lenses. Just trying to be helpful.
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  6. Shogun

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    Yes 9mmSFX is a very good website to buy Sclera contacts and they even got power in it .... that means so someone that usually wear glasses like me, they can wear those theatrical contact lenses without any issues! :D
  7. Shogun

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    Greeting Mystixxx.... actually Sclera contacts lenses have evolved since the time they made their first products ;-) ... just saying

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