Double H

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If you look in my profile, there are links for a whole lotta threads of stuff that I have made including my build WIP.

As I said above, my suit is currently under going a revamp so what you see in the WIP is not what it will look like once it is complete. The skin is being upgraded to latex, the mask is being sculpted/molded/cast with new dreads as is the Bio (on that I have also purchased a range since). Also the armour is also having a new paint up carried out with a few things added. So everything is subject to change but you are more than welcome to have a look lol
Sounds very intresting. I think that you need a predator as in the movie predator 1 or 2. To bad that is not the style what I use to make as predator costumes. My style has a few similairities with the ones of Uratz.


Hello all! Been a long time!
I am still very much looking to resurface this project if anyone is still interested and up for it!