Predator: Forever Midnight (Spoilers)

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I've just noticed there isn't a section to talk about Predator that doesn't deal with costumes so I'll stick this post here.

Just finished reading Predator: Forever Midnight by John Shirley.

Anyone else read it?

It's crap.

I'm convinced this guy hadn't read a single other Predator based book before writing this one. He calls them the Hish, they're just blood crazed psychopaths that steal all their technology (Or get their slaves to make it) and have no sense of honour that I could discern. They also use mind control devices too.

This guy had no respect for established Predator lore. I'm not normally someone who gets annoyed when something strays from the main canon of a sci fi franchise like the Predator but some of it was just frankly insultingly poorly researched.

He had them changing sex for cripe's sake! Oh and apparently they have something called kill glands which if they don't control their hormones sends them into a killing frenzy...

The story could just have easily had any other alien life form as the main protagonists but the predator was just slapped into place, probably in an attempt to boost sales, cus it was a crap story in and of itself.


You're not the first person who's had a gripe with the book. Infact I can think of several other people who're pretty much said what you have word for word.


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Established Predator lore? Excuse me? By what book? Also, them being nomadic prevents them of having their own development in the past, so they have to trade or steal for their technology IMO...


Started out great with the preds over taking the human ship, then the author must of had a stroke and thought he was writing another book. Skip this by all means and get a Simon Clark book.


AHH! Thank god you people hate the book too. When it came out and I got it, I was ******* stifled, ******* enravaged, ******* seethed. Yes, lots of *******, but not a single drop of love anywhere. :)

There was a mini riot on The Hunted over my review, and it got someone to actually contact Shirley and "troll" his message board. It was grand. We got answers from him, blaming Dark Horse...but I still don't think he's fully innocent in all of this.

Now he's on AVP Galaxy in his little hugbox [Click links for COMPELLING INTERVIEWS YEAH from Shirley and the other guy writing Flesh and Blood], thinking he's going to be able to write a sequel to this pathetic excuse of a Predator novel. If Flesh and Blood fails in the demand, he won't be touching the franchise ever again.

Blood Seeker

heh nice to see I wasn't being completely irrational with my dislike of this book :)

Happy birthday for a few days ago Sara.

Yeah simon Clark now he's a good author I love his apocalyptic books


Thanks hun. :)

Established Predator lore? Excuse me? By what book?
Well, there's this, and then this, and last but not least, this.

While some may bitch, piss and moan that these books came first and are the "pre-established lore", they fit within the scant canon of the movies, and thats what matters...UNLIKE Forever Midnight.


Paul Anderson is nowhere near as a train wreck as John Shirley. He may of gotten a lot of crap wrong in AVP, but he did a pretty damn good job with at least keep their genders separate, and kept the "honor" undertones. The original AVP series with Dachande and Machiko were an obvious influence, and even though AVP wasn't "great," I still like it for the fact that it didn't totally butcher the Predators like what Shirley did.

Okay, wait...Uwe Boll is the silver screen's John Shirley. If he's at the helm of a Predator project, get your assassination troops ready for a session of emergency kick-ass tactics.


in my opinion, the Predator background shouldn't really be expanded on in the first place. They should have just left them as Hunters hunting for sport, and not have elaborated about their society, rituals, and customs (it just fucks things up, like in the books/comics and movie AVP). The thing that pissed me off the most about the AVP series when it started was that the Predator teamed up with the human. I wanted Aliens vs Predator, not Aliens vs Predator and scrawny little human chick.

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What Sara said! Ok, what the hell, I'll write a Predator novel. Everyone else needs to as well. They couldn't be as bad as some of the garbage people put out these days.