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Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by Dillonusob, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Dillonusob

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    Hey guys! Newer predator builder here. What is your method on hands/gloves for costume. I am planning on latex in ultracal 30 molds. Do you paint in layers or do you guys let the latex dwell for a while then pour off the extra. If you do the latter, how long do you let it dwell?? Thanks in advance!!
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    Hey Dillon! I realized I sort of answered you before and haven't got to the hands actually, but most people who do their own hands usually go the latex in ultracal mould route. What I did for the head, once i had the 2 sides of the mould is use a sponge/brush and just dip it into lates and start 'dabbing', until I cover everything with latex. That's a layer for me.. For the mask, i went with about 10-12 layers, as I wanted it to be thick and sturdy. Caution though, the thicker you go, the more the fit will be tight, as latex shrinks about 10%. Oh, and you'd want to apply the 'layers' while it's not fully cured/dry. Latex does tend to contract a lot, especially if you've put layers on when the previous layer has fully dried. Once I have my desired amount of layers, I put the 2 moulds back together again, and do what you’d call a ‘slush’ around, but focusing mostly on the seams where the 2 halves join. Again, word of caution, you might want to ‘seal’ the outer seams with some clay to make it airtight and not let the latex seep out. Had to learn the hard way and I now have a new pair of working pants which used to be my best pair. It usually takes about 10-12 hours, but can go longer if the latex is thick in some parts. The head I’m doing had some of the horns in solid latex, and it took 3 full days before I could pry the mould open in confidence. I was using a hair dryer in between too.. ;P

    I know it’s not hands like you’re asking, but that’s how I’m gonna tackle mine :) Hope that helped? By the way, I’m quite new to all these stuff too, so pardon me if I got my terms wrong, lol

    Cheers and all the best!
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  3. Dillonusob

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    Thanks bud!!! Its a learning process for sure!!
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    Two part mold, then brush on the latex after 3-5 layers put the two parts together than do 1-2 more layer on the inside. (optional: Foam fill - if you would like to foam fill them or not) Once cured separate the two halves and then cut off the latex 'flash' then you should have the finished product.

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    Those are gorgeous btw. Killer work!
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    Scott did those, I used them for visual evidence c: .
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