Predator Mask Magnets


Im having some trouble with the magnets im using to attach the bio helmet to the head mask ive been working my way up to a size that works but isnt stupidly strong my problem is that i can fit it to the head just fine but when i try to fit one to the bio it gets pulled off ive tried, duct tape, hot glue and millieput but all of them fail eventually

What do you guys use im guessing my only other choice is to fibre glass it onto the bio itself but ive never used fibre glass

Any help would be awesome



I use 1.0 inch n52 magents. They are really strong and I glue them to a nice flat surface with Perma craft e6000. I try to bring just a tiny bit around the edges of the magnet where they have a slight bevel. I know a few others who do the same.

Hope this helps.


Thanks i got it from a member on here and instantly became my favourite still need to add the LED's for the tri laser


Sounds like a job for 2 part epoxy. It can handle the snap of super strong magnets and can be sculpted as its drying. It can also take paint nicely.