Predator Mask Paintjob


hi hunterslair community,
I am since February 2010 Member and from germany ^^, after I looked around me with you, and now finally also the necessary money had to me to get a Predator mask, I decided a Scar mask to buy and make my first paint job. And here are the pictures.
I oriented myself on the paint job of stanwinstonschool with Jamie S. Grove, I like the weathered and battle damaged.




the only thing that's missing is the eye protection. for which version did you decide? I do not know how I'm doing this at the moment.
Soon I will build my own mask, as well as my own costume, just have not the material and the money

hope you like it

(translated with google translate)
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thanks, makes me happy that you like it ;)

I hope i can share my future projekt  soon, on making my suit and latex mask ;)