Predator Model Paint - Up ( UPDATE - Monday 2-27-06 )


yautja clone

Since I have a full size Predator suit, I've always wanted to do a model of the same.

Over the next few days, I will be painting and detailing a 1/6 th. scale Predator 2 model identical to my suit. Pics of the process will be posted as a tutorial. Follow along as I go. Enjoy . A pic of the other models I've done.

Since my suit is basically black/white, this model will be fairly simple to do.
Very basic and easy to follow. Here's how I am doing it.

1) Predator 2 Vinyl Model Kit. 1/6th Scale. Trimmed the pieces and assembled them. Washed the model in dish detergent to remove the modeling release agent. Spray painted the model with a light coat of primer. Airbrushed Light Ivory as the base coat. Drybrushed White over the hight points and highlighted a bit. Started to paint the armor Black.

2) Armor is all painted Black and I started drybrushing Metallic Copper onto the armor. Notice how drybrushing really makes the model jump and start to come to life.
Go lightly and slowly build up to where it looks the best. You don't want to completely cover the base coat of Black. Remember that the high spots or places that would rub or show wear will be the most shiny, apply a little more paint in these areas. Its a little tricky trying to paint the armor without getting paint onto the body, but don't worry, it can be touched up.

3) All armor is painted and weather in Metallic Copper. Also finished the Helmet and weathered. I will add the green tarnished look to the armor as the last step. That will be done with Turquoise Paint.

4) Painted the Black stripe pattern on the legs and torso. Still have the sides and back to do. I did this with a fine tipped brush and tried to duplicate it as best as possible. I then took the airbrush with a fine tip and diluted black paint and lightly went over the edges of the pattern to blend and hide the hard edge.
Back, Legs and Arms will be done next.

Here is a pics of the suit for comparrison.


hey clone thanks for this thread, i have lots of models yet to paint so im sure this will give me some cool ideas. i look forward to the updates!


This is a really nice tutorial, very nice work mate. Kudos

yautja clone

I have had this tutorial on hold for awhile, but will be resuming the project in the next few days.

Several people have emailed me concerning this and I really appreciate your interest.

I purchased a new mannequin for my suit and will be transfering it over soon. While doing so, I'm going to do some touch-up work on my suit and will finish the model all in one shot.
Eye candy comming for the weekend. Stay tuned.