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Discussion in 'General Predator Discussion' started by yanchus, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. yanchus

    yanchus Unblooded

    Hello Hunters,

    I have been trying to sift through the threads, to try and find some paintball masks that have been converted.

    I play so the mask would have to be somewhat durable of course- who has attempted a build and played some games with it?

    Looking for ideas, input, advice, etc.

  2. Jmen

    Jmen Hunter

    Paintball only? Not hardball, softball, motorcycle or else danger options? Then i think you can take your paintball glasses and sculpt predator mask around of them. It has many pluses - you will protect your eyes, you can remove glasses for repaint\fix\modify them and a helmet and you can take off glasses, if it will be hot, or just to clean them. As for mask - just make a silicon copy of sculpted mask with resin\polyester\epoxy+fiberglass or liquide plastics. But fiberglass inside the mask is not very useful for health, so you need to think about it. Also it will be much heavy than plastics.
    Other option is 3d printing with some extrimely hard plastics, but i have no exp with it.
    Do you have ideas about shape? What actual predator mask do you want?
  3. yanchus

    yanchus Unblooded

    Thanks for the reply. I would be using the mask for Paintball only- I dont play all that often as well. I am thinking about sculpting a P1 Bio around the goggles like you mentioned. Still doing a bit more research and watching more tutorials. Will keep you posted once I figure out which direction I want to go. I have seen some pretty neat ideas so I am still in the planning stages.

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