Predator Sounds


Going to use the app 'Resounder' on my iPhone to make a neat pred sound effects reel for my costume. It allows you to build custom sound boards. These can then be operated in costume using the jailbreak app 'Activator' to play sounds upon movement of he phone, which can easily be concealed in the costume.

I saw a thread of people posting pred noises but it was so old none of the download links were any good. Can someone post a link to pred clicks, targeting noises, breathing, growls etc so I can add them to 'Resounder'?

Also whilst on subject of iPhone apps check out Predator Vision app for some fun seeing the world in the various different spectrums shown in the films...


I ended up extracting sounds from I think the original PC game... I can't remember if they were from avp 1 or 2.. which one had the light medium and heavy was it 2? (mental blank) That was after I discovered that I could impersonate the "CRrcRcRrr" sound he does using my mouth/throat... don't ask me how I can do so though because I really have no idea what so ever lol

As for the sound files, I haven't looked into the sega version... it's probably better quality than what the original two games were/are... I'm sure there's probably a way of accessing those... I'll look into it =)


I posted this topic a while back. I now have my sound module for my suit sorted. I've used the mini-speaker and mini remote from the's Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt which is removable from the shirt and plays very loud individual sounds at the press of one of 20 buttons! After much searching I found a great web page to get lots and lots of really high quality pred sounds and they are easy to download, you don't have to sign up or pay or anything and they come as mp3s. Thought I'd share it because it might help fellow lair members also looking for sounds.


i tried opening this zip file which caused the pc to crash and kept opening boxes left,right and centre,!is there any more links to pred sounds out there?!!
not sure what happened,avg kept putting a virus in the vault eveytime!.many thanks,for any info.