Predator Suit Collage


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Andrew got me thinking about how you should "be" the Predator when you are in the suit. These are some of the poses that show me how much the people in them are really convinced that they are acting like KPH would have...crouching, cocking the head, quick neck turns, etc.etc.

*CAUTION* - large picture (almost 1280*1024)



Nice collage Predatrhuntr, but as KPH said, the suit is only a suit its the person inside that brings the creature to life. Man i gotta get me one of those suits !!! :)


Well Gigerwolf. This is the place if you're going to do it yourself. Once you undertake the challenge it's a project that's never truly finished. There's always something that you'll find to tweak and improve upon.

Cheers :)


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DAMN! don't we all look good...LOL.

I haven't seen some of those shots in a while. Makes me want to suit up right now.



Elite Hunter
thanks jason ...

So do the rest of the hunters in those shots.

i still check out the suit thread from time to time to remind me of all the hard work we've done here.


DJ Akuma

excellent work on all the suits. i hope to one day join the clan in my own suit. and with the help of all the awesome people here, it will happen. thanks to everyone for all the great support, not only for myself but for everyone wanting to bring to life their own Predator.. :)