Predator takes San Francisco



I debuted my suit last night to about 300,00 crazy San
Franciscans at our city's HUGE halloween bash and it
was by far the hit of the night. I can't believe all
the attention that I got. People were flipping out
when they saw me coming. My night basically consisted
of throngs of people gathering to take pictures of, and
with me. I was just too cool. Daniel, you built a strong suit.
It held up to any possible wear and tear. I was convinced that I would lose at least a dread or two, but nothing happened at all...and I had
to move through some pretty intense crowds. The
Japanese touists couldn't get enough of me and the
chicks all wanted to get a picture. When I got on the
massive stage for the costume contest, people tripped
out when I turned the lasers on through the smoke
machine...then they went crazy when I slowly lifted the
Bio off to reveal that awsome head. My roomate came
dressed as Dutch from Pred 1. We lost the contest to a
group called "the fudge packers", but hey...I live in
San Francisco...I guess I had to expect something like
that. No worries..everyone coming up and saying that
we shoulda won..and that I had the best costume
they had ever seen, made my day. Damn, I love Halloween!

here are some pics...Thanks guys...all but one worked..think I know what I did wrong..sorry about the size..but at least I got them steps ya know





Ok..can someone please explain step by step how to generate html codes to post pictures on this board? It worked for Myspace, but not is bugging the hell outta me


Ok bro this is how i do it go to you photobucket what when looking at the picture you want there are 3 codes i guess there called on the bottom of each picture. Theres 3 codes URL, Tag, and Img highlight and copy the URL code then come here when you post you should go to the Comment on the left is of the of the post click on the image and then Paste and then click OK you will see the URL code on the screen if your going to do more then one pictures and sure to hit enter to space them out then your done.

Praetorian Hunter

Hey bro,

when you go to post pics, make sure the ezCodes thing above is clicked. Then click on image. With the URL from a host site such as photobucket, copy the URL adress from the site and paste it there. Zippo, pics.

Hope this helps.

Awesome Pics BTW mate, bang up job on it man.


"What we do in life, echos in eternity."

Savage Yautja

I just copy and paste the IMG from photobucket and clcik on LINK in the Column on the Lair and presto I have pics loaded. preview the posting and click ADD REPLY


GREAT costume! I'm not sure who had more fun, you or your thralls of new lady friends! I thought about going to SF, but I was too tired from packing......

Great job putting it all together!!!!


SSSSSSSSSsssssssssssuuuuuupppppeeeerrrrrrr........................ lol!! nice suit! glad youhad a great time! ;-D


Ha Ha..What was even funnier, was after My roomate did our little, Dutch meets the Pred routine, The Drag Queen M.C.'s said over the Loudspeaker, "so, does the predator F@#ck Arnold?" fallowed by, "I'd like to Blow Arnold"

Later, I told my roomate, at least I had a mask on...300,000 people just saw a Transvestite offer to blow you!