Predator Timeline


I have compiled a simple Predator Timeline.
Was unsure if to include the AvP movies, but did so anyway.
Left out all the book and game stuff though.
Let me know what you think and if there are any other movie-related dates that could be included.


Elite Hunter
Community Staff
Your time line needs work, it's very bare and basic. However, it is straight to the point. You have missed out some interesting points which you could add.

1986-87 - Dillain's men, most notably Jim Hopper are informed of a covert operations mission in Val Verde. En route to the location helicopters are brought down and the covert ops team encounter the Jungle Hunter, they fire at all directions and are swiftly killed / possibly skinned alive. Remains and evidence left behind was Jim Hoppers dog tags/downed air craft, skinned bodies.

1996-97 - CIA locate the whereabouts of an extraterrestrial creature holding up in a slaughter house, covert ops team is sent to investigate. (They place camera's and investigate the creature)

2004 - Wolf the first veteran Yautja seen on screen receives a distress signal and is sent to investigate.

2006-2008 - Noland is kidnapped and sent to the hunting reserves (source, he talks about his numerous encounters/seasons that he has survived. Within the Cannon Yautja only hunt when it's the summer/really hot)
2010 - Jungle Hunter arrives on the hunting reserve to investigate a disturbance and encounters Falconer and Berserker while Tracker creates the Crucifixion site. Armed with a knife, and plasma cannon Jungle Hunter manages to gain the upper hand on Falconer but is beaten and thrown off a waterfall where he is then captured by the net trap made by Tracker - he is then swiftly brought to the site and crucified.
2010 - Nine - Not Eight, individuals are sent to the hunting reserve, (One died on impact as his shoot did not open) - Within this group was a Yakuza, Ex Special Ops Marine Sniper, Black Ops (bounty hunter), Russian Spetznaz, Serial Killer, African Freedom fighter, Drug Cartel member, Maximum security inmate.

(I could go on and add all off the book data but this is a start.)