Predator Undermask/face Mold Help

Bo Skarr

I need help with how to make a mold for a Predator undermask with mandibles.
What is the best way to make a 2 part mold for this, without damaging the mandibles?

my dad wonders if making the mandibles from wax and heating it up in the mold and melting them would work.
Please post suggestions.


if it's not a half mask you have to mold the mandibles seperate ,...otherwise air gets trapped in the mold and they don't cast right anyway ,....
most people seperate the 2 halves of the mold right around the first or second layer of dread holes ,....easy spot to hide the seam ,....


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okay, thanks.

no problem man ,'s def worth getting the mold perfect otherwise you ruin a sculpt and ruin a bag of ultracal so ,...hahah