Predator vision, no not a new cable show :)


Let's assume the Yautja are real creatures for a moment. For the longest time, it seemed to me that the Yautja vision was severely limited and was not condusive to creating, maintaining etc technologies. So I was under the impression, like others, that the Preds stole their tech or found it or what have you, since their vision seemed so poor. But I had read a discussion where one of the poster made a lot of sense. For one, what we saw on the screen is a very simplied and "artistic" interpretation and the Yautja have a very sophiticated vision based on infra red and heat. The poster stated that every single thing has a heat signature and can be easily discerned from other objects around it, if your sensativity to those this is very well tuned. So Pred eyes work a lot like ours where we see light reflected from objects, they see it in thermal terms. That allows for a large degree of techological sophistication because they could see things a human engineer would not be able to without help.
Any other theories or expansions?


Or they simply have trouble seeing on other worlds that don't have the exact ambient air/gas composition as their home planet, thus have "blurred" vision. That's how I've always looked at it, but maybe the books delve more on the subject.