Predator wrist blades for sale!


Hey guys! So I decided to just CAD these up really quick and 3Dprint them.

They came out pretty awesome! I’m working on smoothing them out before paint and will post final pictures when it’s done. They come out very light (depending on the infill you choose) and are very sturdy!

Anyway, I’m deciding to sell the file and also selling printed versions for anyone interested!

Blade file (STL) = $15 (you get a file that you can print with your own printer. Not allowed to share file please.)
Printed version = $20+shipping (extra cost covers time, printer maintenance, and materials.)

I hope this is posted In the right area :) thanks everyone!

P.S. I tried posting in the marketplace but it doesn’t seem to work. Please move if needed mods


I'm super interested in that little round thing in the corner!!! I know what it is, and how it works, but not the name of it. Where can I find it?