Predator2 mask Journey FINISHED.


Veteran Hunter
Feels great to finish him Jason.

now i can make my own dreads, i will not have to wait to finish any future pred heads

roll on Predators :unsure:


Lee my friend,you out did yourself once again!This badboy looks killer. :unsure:

The whole base,dreads and all looks just amazing.I really like how the length you chose for the head.They hang down very nice.

Dreds are looking excellent Lee and the other additions have really set it off. Cool lighting, he looks like one seriously "ugly mother f***er" now


I've browsed this topic several times and enjoyed seeing the mask develop into a cracking display.
You said the dreds were single seamed foam but did you document how you made them, as I can't see any reference?
Making your own dreds will save you a ton, since you appear to be fairly knocking out the masks for yourself and other folks.
Great work once again.


Veteran Hunter
I did not document the dread thing as i was not sure it was going to work.

My only concern was to be able to make dreads for my current and future masks, i really do not see me starting up making them to supply people, as along with my masks i only did this for me primarily.

Having said that i have some grey foam here which my pigment did not take to , so i may just make a load of dreds using that to sell off, cheapish.


I don't intend making much more Predator stuff so not really in the market for buying or selling masks. I just wondered how you actually made them. Might be of interest to me for other non Predator related projects. Certainly looks as though your process was successful.


Veteran Hunter
well heres a run down.

Take 1 pool cue , and shape sand to a dread shaped object.

Bolt it into a section of white pvc tubing ( white is important )

Pour silicone in.

Then i cut a 1 inch wide section of the tube out the whole length, this enabled me to flex the pvc and pop out the silicone inner.

i then removed the pool cue from the silicone mould, i then realised i would have trouble getting the foam dred out, so my solution was to cut down the length of the silicone mould on 1 side.

reinsert the silicone back into the pvc tube with the cut of the silicone facing the inside of the tube ( opposite the missing 1 inch section ) this holds the cut closed fairly well as long as i have a look down the tube to make sure its closed.

Pour your foam

wait 30 mins

Pray the humidity and temp has not alterd too much. ( or they wrinkle and collapse on themselves )

removed silicone and pop out your dred, with hopefully minimal seem line, which doesnt really does not matter as you could hide the seem facing backwards if you get a bad one.

Booie/Hez and others probably have much much more efficient ways of making foam dreds, but this worked for me.


Yep, that sounds like the way to do it, but it must be tiresome repeating the casting process 40+ times. I suppose you could make multiple moulds but if you're not going into mass production....) One more question and then I'll shut up - what kind of foam did you use? I understand Babmbooie uses a self skinning foam that consists of some rather nasty chemicals. Do you use the same or is it ordinary expanding foam (that's one and a half questions )

Cheers for the detailed account.


Thanks for that. Meant to edit my post about expanding foam before you answered it, as my question's complete pish. Expanding foams cure to a solid finish while your dreds are obviously flexible.


Elite Hunter
nice yob lee.

i really think you need to change the title of this thread though....FINISHED?....bah...NEVER.

the quest for the P2 is eternal


That looks amazing...the LED lights in the back sets it off and makes it look mean as hell. Great job.


Looks amazing Lee. Congrats on getting it finished, I'm sure you get a bit of a rush everytime you look at it!


Elite Hunter
I just keep coming back to those pics Lee. Beautiful!!! love the display...It must feel great to look at it and think "I made that" ..I think its time that you do a full pressure or anything