Predators; how many times have you watched it?


I would go see it again if I wasn't gouged 10 clams every f'n time. The second time I saw it, it was 4:50PM on a THURSDAY. Are matinee prices gone forever? Eesh.
I had to see it twice. The first time I was filling up on adult beverages in the lobby before the show. Second time, no beverages and I was able to enjoy the movie go figure :)


I saw it twice, once on opening day and again a few days later.

Interesting to think what the movie would have been like if it was a half hour longer. I really think more character development would have fleshed out some of the situations more.

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Only saw it once the day it came out........Gonna get it on blu-ray

Just finished watching predator tho =]


Only once, I'm afraid. ;_; Not for lack of adoring it (because believe me, I do), but because the nearest theater actually playing it was a long, long drive away. :) I had to dedicate an entire day to getting there, watching the movie, and getting back. XD


Once in the theatre, but waiting to see it again when it comes out on DVD. Theater ticket prices are becoming way too pricey to go see the same movie over and over again.