Predators Invade Southend-On-Sea, Essex, Uk


Young Blood
Awesome J , I imagine 3 miles in those suits was quite tough. You both looked great. How do young kids react?
Shame I couldn't make it, I would have loved to get some shots of you both. Maybe we will arrange a mini photo shoot sometime.
Hope to have our suits done for November, if not maybe we' join you at Southend next year.


Double H

Elite Hunter
Was it Andy Warhol who said everyone gets 15 minutes of fame? Looks like we're owed 14 minutes,55 seconds. Lol
Thats funny right there!

Here's hoping that the next hunt brings more fame..... This time we are going behind the marching band lol either that or we shall rip the band leaders spine from his body.... either or am good with lol

And here's hoping that Basildon get it right unlike Southend! Stop, Start, Stop, Start.....!