I'm caught between jumping for joy and hanging my head...PLEASE make it good...nothing from his original script please.


If they do a decent "reboot" like they did with the new Hulk movie (with Edward Norton) it could be good! Hopefully a different story from what we've all seen.
The 1987 Predator still the best film to date and nothing can top it no matter what special effects or lenses or even if they shoot it in IMAX.


Damn straight!
The spate of "re-imagined" and "re-booting" going on with established franchises can be both good and bad. Please, for God's sake, don't re-invent the wheel---just take what's already established and WRITE a good story BEFORE shooting 1" of celluloid.

Update - I just came across the following from the IESB website:

Filmmaker reimagines the classic creature.

April 23, 2009 - IESB has confirmed a number of long-circulating rumors that Sin City helmer Robert Rodriguez would definitively be involved in a re-boot of the Predator franchise. Turns out, Rodriguez will be directing the project based upon his own version of the space-hunter mythos.

Rodriguez broke the news at a press conference for the signing of HB 873, a bill concerning the overhaul of the Texas State film incentives.

The Grindhouse filmmaker spoke very briefly about his current slate of projects: "I'm going to be able to shoot my upcoming Machete here, a sci-fi action film called Nervewrackers, a re-boot of the Predator series called Predators, and a couple of smaller movies called Sin City 2 and The Jetsons."

Notice the emboldened and italicized portion of the story? HIS own version?!! Oh, Come on, man! Stay with the damn original character and build a new story! Looks like my dread over "rebooting" seems to be well founded with this news.

Link to the Website
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I dont know if its just me but from what Im getting out of this. Is the predator is gonna have a totally different look to him and you wont even know its a predator movie. Sounds like hes gonna reimagine the whole look of it and everything and it could end up looking like just some alien and not the classic creature we all know with the famous dreadlocks and mandibles that Stan created. Thats what Im getting from reading the article so Im thinking crap. And Rodriguez is completely the wrong choice as a director for a predator film. It will be as bad as Burtons reimagining of the planet of the apes. Its probably gonna end up looking like the original creature the ant eater looking thing that they didnt use in the first film. Hes gonna ruin it worse than the AVP shit.


Hmmm, reinventing the predator...that's just a bad idea on every level. I don't want it reimagined, I don't want any 'predator homeworld' shit, I want a cool new, well written story with my favourite alien badass. Why is that so difficult for people to grasp?

Mr Fett

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I think the "new" Pred would look close enough to the ones seen in the other 4 movies. Even when they "reimagined" Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, they still had basically the same style of mask. Taking the dreads off the Pred (for example) would make no sense to fans who would want to see this movie.


good or bad I'm glad they keep the interest alive!lets hope this will be a good one!surely I'll go to see that movie!:D


I like the fact that there's something "moving" there.

Lets just hope that they dont screw it up like AVP... PLEASE!!

Hoping for the best here;)


Own version would mean filmed in his style, not completely redesign the creature :')
Totally agree i just think they mean its his script so its going to be his story ,I don't think he's going to change any major design features to our favourite ugly mother f**ker. New bio new type of guns maybe (Rodriguez likes his guns!)

When they say reboot or reinventing re-imagining (or any other re words) i think there just throwing these words around cos its in vogue ya know? Or at least i hope.


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Reboot could mean just pumping new life into dying franchise. At least they are giving it to a credible ( at least to some ) director. I actually kinda like Rodriquez. He has a fondness for old school kitsch and likes to plug it into his films, so for all those who like the 80's film, we might be in store for something good. Curious...for those not in favor of Rodriguez...who would you want to direct a new Predator film?
Frankly, I don't think Hollywood can do a decent movie in that department anymore. I like movies like The Rock and Con Air for the short term entertainment they provide, although every time I watch them I can't get rid of the feeling that someone (Simpson/Bruckheimer/Bay) has developed a formula that seems to work for most of the audience and now they kinda cling to it. Especially those two movies seem to have established a couple of key elements that I find at times rather ridiculous. One of the most noticeable things (apart from the annoying Hans Zimmer soundtrack) round the end of the 90s was the introduction of tinkling noises when people fire guns, to simulate the empty shell hitting the ground. Don't know what that is supposed to be, but I think it's meant to show "surgical" action as opposed to war movies of the 50s. Don't know who in here has ever fired a gun, but they'll know you don't hear that kinda shit after the huge bang you get.

Doing an old school gore movie like Predator would totally be out of question for those guys.

That being said, I think that Rodriguez may be someone who could work around that formula and make something a bit more old fashioned, honest and dirty. A bit more analog, if you take my meaning. Only problem with him is that he'll maybe do something that is too much in the style of comics, like Sin City.

In terms of other directors, I'd like to see someone who has experience with action movies, but not in the sci-fi / fantasy department. Like Michael Mann (Heat), or Brian dePalma for instance. Someone who knows how to do a suspense thriller with brains and isn't afraid to provide an ending that is off mainstream. Like Heat, one of my all time faves.