Predators or hunted ?


Just wondering, If you have a companion of life, say wife for example, How does she "approve" your predator lifestyle? I´ll get the ball rolling:

I have allways liked predator franchise but over the last years it has evolved into something sick, I´m lucky enough to have a girlfriend, being a "one ugly"...well you know what, and My girlfriend has said that I´m ,well, lets paint a pretty picture and say: weird

How about you ?
ps. She´s said that she is the only woman in the world who knows too much about predators ;)


I think my wife, Deb, and I were separated at birth. Good thing we're not having kids!!

We like so many of the same films and genres that we even had a lot of same collectables before we met!! If she could, she'd be making her own Predator costume!!!



Hey! Lucky you! Of course, I have 4 years of faithfully executed mind altering process on her But the stopper was that she said : " I like Aliens more than Predators" .... Nooo--oo!
My wife always thought the Predator was ugly. Then I did a Darth Maul, which she considered ugly AND evil and made me sell it. I told her I would, but that money would finance a Predator...

No seeing me do my work, she likes the Predator and looks at the Predator movies a whole different way. Had to get rid of a cool Maul costume, but was able to do the Predator and gain a fan...


Although I'm currently living the single bachelor lifestyle B) , I have thought a lot about what type of girl would be open to allowing something like this sort of hobby to continue, should I ever eventually find the "one" I'd like to settle down with.

I believe that most of us here already consider ourselves as, at least some degree of nerd, dork, wierdo, etc.. But the best thing about it is that we all involve ourselves into whatever we may find interesting or are passionate about w/o regard to what anyone else thinks. It's the easiest way for anyone to really truly be themselves. I'm quite proud to live my life this way! I also believe this will help to finally find that special "one", since she better darn well know that she'll have to keep an open mind when it comes to however I may need to pursue my own creative interests. Whether she fully understands why I do it, doesn't really matter so long as she's able to accept it as a part of how I'm gonna live for the rest of my life. Most of the women I've met since I built my suit are very impressed by the amount of creativity it takes to create something like that, only a couple of 'em have been a bit freaked out by it!

I don't think that this is all that much different for a girl to accept than, oh let's say for instance, like a guy who loves sports. But at least doing this sort of thing is WAAAAAY more creative & constructive than just being sports, we actually LEARN things too!

When I was growing up, my Mom always did tell me to be more constructive w/ my time anyway!!!

I guess, if I can find a girl that loves me for being who I am and vice versa, that's all that really matters. Although, if it means that she'll have "put up with" my Predator thing as a hobby of mine, it's not likely to get me out of being dragged through a candle store every now & then!!! ;) You gotta give a little to get a little, right!?!


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Last year I almost lost my wife over this Predator obsession of mine. At one point I had 10 Bios, four Pred 1:1 scale heads and tons of models/McFarlane toys. I just couldn't stop buying stuff on eBay. I spent all my time online here at the Lair, or on eBay searching for model kits, heads and Bios. When I wasn't buying stuff I was building and painting them. I became my name - Predator Hunter...I was always searching for another kit or prop.

Then one day I was going through my wife's text messages and found out that not only was she having an affair, but she was pregnant with his child. We fought, exchanged some bitter words, but eventually we worked things out. I ended up selling most of my Predator collection for over $4000 on eBay. I did keep the models that I had painted, 2 Bios and 2 heads. I didn't sell all of it just to please her...I did it to stop myself from letting it get out of control. Everyone knows where there boundaries are and I went beyond mine.

DangerDavey, I can understand how you and your wife are so similar because me and my wife agree on almost everything, like the same foods, movies, tv shows (Lost, Heros), and have the same taste in home decor. We can be looking at the same thing and make the same comment on it. Its kinda freaky. We have 11 years invested in each other and I wasn't willing to let that all go and start over again. I was able to forgive her after seeing how guilty and sorrowful she was. We have the cutest little girl and we are much closer than we were before. Now that I have my obsession under control we can concentrate on raising our little girl...

So, what does my wife think of all the stuff? She's not a huge fan of the 1:1 Predator and Freddy in our basement, but she does think they're kinda cool. She likes how I have painted my models and doesn't mind me displaying them. Overall, shes awesome about the whole Predator collection...


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Not much you can say after a post like the above eh

My wife doesnt mind in the slightest, as long as i dont leave materials lieing everywhere, as for actual props shes happy for me to have my space with these on display.

Having said that, theres NO WAY i would ever let a hobby (and thats all this is at the end of the day) ,come between my wife and i as she along with my kids are the most important things in my life BAR NONE.
My girlfriend wasn't into the Predator thing or sci fi before we met but she is now.
I'm not sure if it is for me or if she genuinely likes having a romantic night in watching predator 2,
either way it hasn't effected our relationship she has even wore my bio :rolleyes:


My Missus doesn't mind in the least that I like building Pred bits and pieces. She does however get wound up when I leave my workstation in a state. That said she thinks it's cool when I don the suit and even likes the fact that the thing is stored on a manakin in our bedroom. Although I'm far from obsessive when it comes to this hobby I do tend to get caught up in a project when I start one but then she knew what she was getting into 9 years ago when we met and after 7 years of marriage she knows things aren't going to change. And as she says herself " It could be worse. You could like soccer." :rolleyes:
I cant say anything about a girlfriend or a wife, but I can speak for my parents:
They think it's stupid, plain and simple.

I've tried to get the point across as "Some guys have model railroads, others have restoring cars, I have dressing up in costumes and wearing masks."

Suffice to say, it doesn't work very well.

Paul, I wish I had your girlfriend.......does she have a younger sister state-side?


Well, I myself am single. And I just can't seem to find any guys in my area that are into cosplay...(yes, I am female!) And while I don't have a signifcant other, I do have a mother...when I told her that I was making my first suit...all she said was 'that's mighty ambitious of you!' gee, thanks for your support mom. But anywayz, congrats to all of you out there that have loving and understanding companions. =)


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my wife at first couldn't understand the obession factor i had with making a suit. after a few times of going out to halloween and the madness that follows me :rolleyes: ..she finally got it.

When i had the bright idea of creating a forum to gather all the pred nuts out there interested in creating one.... she didn't understand the "forum" thing. despite all the good, bad, drama and $$ that i have gone through in these past years, she has been very understanding throughout this whole proccess. a better woman i couldn't ask for.

i decided when i turned the lair over to dan, to give back some of the attention to her and my children i had devoted to the forum. she really has been great and i love her.

But she still thinks i'm freakin nuts



back to the parents thing... They think I'm an idiot for not leaving this till times when I'm not up to my neck in exams.. lol ^^ they shouldnt care too much if i hijacked the garage and turn it into a workshop... as a standard thing for non mainstream guys girlfriends are pretty hard to come by as for something completly stupid for my age I look for commen interests if i'm talking to a girl.. where as if i was a normal teenager I would be grabbing the one with the biggest breasts i could see and having a 2 week relationship...

*This... is the BIGGEST pile of crap excuse... EVER! lol ^^* Woot for adolescence!!!!


I have to admit, I'm one of the lucky ones! Although at times she laughs! she love's to see what i come up with..... And if it makes me happy.. then what the hell. but she dose nag about the room my hobby life style takes up... i have a life size tusken rayder and almost every 12' star wars fig ever made.. and now the predator things are creaping in.. all in all she really dos'nt mind


I have to admit, I'm one of the lucky ones! Although at times she laughs! she love's to see what i come up with..... And if it makes me happy.. then what the hell. but she dose nag about the room my hobby life style takes up... i have a life size tusken rayder and almost every 12' star wars fig ever made.. and now the predator things are creaping in.. all in all she really dos'nt mind
lol lucky b@$tard :rolleyes:


ps. She´s said that she is the only woman in the world who knows too much about predators :)
I wouldn't say that. There's many women in the fandom. And they know enough to rival that of the biggest fanboy. ;>

In any case, from reading the replies, it's good that most SO's are okay with it as long as you tidy up. I'd most likely be the same in either case, but I would allow props to be placed anywhere possible. Because I am guilty for having Predator artwork and busts next to my "womanly" antiques, knick knacks, Japanese tea sets and framed living room artwork of flowers and butterflies on the wall. I am a walking contradiction. :)