Predators: The Hunt. My Latest Youtube Cinematic Masterpiece. :)


I knew he did not die of an overdose.

Wish he had moon walked though.


Tee hee hee :)

I can see a few boo-boo's I made (did you notice the Klingon suddenly become left-handed?), but overall I think it turned out pretty good for something I shot myself in my living room with almost no budget. :)

One thing that has helped me a lot was moving to a bigger apartment. My old place was too small for me to get far enough away from the greenscreen, so I always had lots of spill and it was terribly hard to do decent keying. Now I have more space. I may even fool a few people into thinking I shot the scenes outside. ;)

Btw, I picked out that BMX armor for the mobile infantry trooper long before Steven Spielberg did for "Terra Nova". I suspect he probably picked it for the same reason I did---it was cheap and it looks good on camera.


Some behind-the-scenes tidbits:

There were originally just two preds in the script, but I ended up making enough armor parts and gauntlets for three so I added the third in. The Scout Trooper was originally supposed to be a Stormtrooper, but I changed it, partly because not many fan films have Scout Troopers, and partly just as an excuse to go ahead and make the costume. :)

The guns are mostly repainted Nerf guns, but the Mobile Infantryman's rifle is a stunt prop from "Starship Troopers".

I couldn't find any stock sounds I liked for some of the FX, so I ended up making my own. The screeching sound that the Trackers make is an audio blend of a dolphin and an egret calling. The howling sound the Preds use to call back the trackers is me blowing over the top of an empty beer bottle.

I don't have any CGI animation skills, so I had to use a physical model for the Pred Drone scenes. I zipped up a greenscreen suit and moved the model around by hand. Alas, that may work well for professionally-lit movies, but for me it produced all sorts of shadows and was a nightmare to key (you can see holes in the keying, and some places where there is still greenscreen in the shot). I don't think I'll try that again.

But the most difficult shot by far was the two-second clip of the parachutes falling to earth. I put the camera on the floor and aimed it up at the greenscreen, then dropped a little toy parachute. The damn thing never floated where I wanted it to go, so I dropped it several dozen times and only got two shots where it was in camera long enough. I ended up compositing those together.


Any feedback? Parts you liked? Parts you didn't like? What did or didn't look right? I'm always looking to improve. :)