PredatrHuntr's Replica Prop Collection


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Out of curiosity, How many years of collection is it?????
This current collection is roughly from the past 4 years of hunting. I fund my purchases by selling existing items. When I sold my Predator suit, I had an extra $4000 to buy props with and I still have $1000 left over to buy silicone/mold material once I get this sculpting thing off the ground...

Double H

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****..... someone walked into my house and photographed it..... god damn paps!

Have you got room to put your shoes anywhere?

Nice collection bud


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You got it Lem...I've painted most all of them. As you can see I've at least started sculpting now...soon I'll be making my own Bios and masks and heads - oh my!!!
@PredatrHuntr: My eyes went straight to your TDK/TDKR cowl since I'm still prepping my own rubies TDK/TDKR suit for the midnight premiere and I screamed "So need one!" DX


Wow thats an awsome collection, some great lads toys also i see, you have a traxxas revo, is that a nitro or brushless ? i used to race them few years back, but the nitros are a pain in the ass, fuel / tweaking constant , great fun tho ! i had a Hyper 7 black edition, tuned it high,fixed centre diff, went so fast...! also i spot the tredmill / gym room idea got scraped then lol !!!!.


planning a Special OP called "Operation Redcap ",object: Jason's hideout compound;objective: sneak-in/break-in, grab everything shown in the Intel-pics above,sneak-out/ storm-out.
Need volunteer. anyone with me?
:D :p