Probably A Dumb Question (Wolf Pred)


So... I am about 2/3 of the way through the AVP "Prey" novel. Really digging it by the way. Throughout the book, the authors make mention of Duchande missing a mandible and having a scarred face. I'm curious is this is the Wolf Pred? Or is it just left open to reader interpretation?



Young Blood
It states he is missing a mandible?  As Machiko refers to him as Broken Tusk, I see it as a broken tusk not a missing mandible.  I don't remember what is says exactly in the novel, so I am not trying to argue that at all.  Although, as you read the book to completion, there isn't really any good reference to connect the two characters.  By the end of the book you will have clear evidence as to why Dechande is NOT the Wolf Predator in AvPR.


Yeah. Not to give anything away, but they most definitely are not the same individual. Also, he only has a broken lower tusk, not a missing mandible. As far as a scar goes, I believe that its his "blooded" scar showing that he has killed a xenomorph and is of a blooded status. Its a sort of a lightning bolt pattern on his forehead if im not mistaken. Its been many years since I've read the novel or the comics that its from.


Wolf is an Arbitrator, a warrior that has grown tired of the hunt and devotes their time to "fixing problems" such as chasing down bad bloods or mopping up after a failed mission. Wolf's missing mandible was probably from getting hit in the face with Xeno blood, the scarring looks more like heat damage than any kind of blunt force or sharp force trauma.