progress on homemade Pred armor and suit.


Trowa Strife

Here is what i have so far, a working retractable gauntlet with wristblades made of Stainless steel, sheet metal, homemade chainmail from 7g electric fencing wire, and paint ^^

Here is a Wired mesh and paper Mache mask im making with ropes for dreads. The mask is FAR from finished. There is no store nearby with Baker rod, so i couldnt get any of that, so i had to make do.


Please comment ^^


Not too bad a start!!

And you are already ahead of some of us by having a gauntlet with retractable blades.

Like Andrew/Kit says, make sure you check out the whole forum here, including stuff from as far back as the topics go. There are tons of tutorials on different parts of the Predator costume. Enough to help you build a full suit on your own.

You can get a lot of great ideas for making a great suit on a budget that would beat having to spend $1,500-$3,000 on a full suit. Get to know some of the costumers here. Ther's a wealth of experience to draw upon with time and patience.

If you are pressed for time, do watch EBay for the costume pieces or suits. Some of us here have assembled our suits using many different sources. Doing that also creates our own unique hunter as well.

Keep pushing on your own construction of costume pieces as well. Original work is greatly appreciated here.

Welcome to the Hutner's Lair!


blk n blu dream

It helps to resize the pictures, otherwise you can only see a small section at a time instead of the whole picture.

As far as I can tell you are going good though.