Prometheus Reviews For People Who Have Watched It - Spoilers Definately


Young Blood
Oh deary me...ah,ve shook the moderators am chuffed..Ask yourself this "why put them in in the first place?"..thier designed to provoke response..if you think of a plate of chips you wont see it,however the majority of people viewing this site or the films are either PRED OR XEN buffs..and they see WHAT Ridley wants us to an image of the alien QUEEN in her resting pose then check against one of the drawings..Believe me she,s there!!as is the PRED bio mask albiet its in very basic portrayal..but its there..all this points to the fact that the ENGINEERS and PREDS were trading with each other for a long long technology and XENOMORPHS,,they were designed as a brief laid down by the PREDS for a prey like no other ( basically a pure killing machine ) diffrent to an arms manufacturer making bullets,good at one thing killing. The ENGINEERS bred XENOMORPHS like we breed grouse or trout for to facilitate a requirement for hunting..exept after thousands of years of PREDS buying wholesale XENO,S the bubble bursts due to the ENGINEERS plans to wipe out earth,the PREDS weren,t buyin so the dredd boys made with the diplomasey,an saved our order to maintain a good evolving foe or prey,and they,d have plenty of XENOS and QUEENS on other planets to keep them in happy hunting for centuries to come.


Veteran Hunter
Looking at the symbols down the side.. If you look at the second that's the eyes. The last symbols is where the mandibles start...
Thats what i thought.

******** !


actually would not be surprised if ridley put anything in there to be honest, he got his wish as everyone wants this to somehow peice together, and i have got it coming on bluray, and probably will go and see the sequel(s)
What you see in the posted video of Cpt Janek is an unfortunate lens flare. Watch how it closely mimics the movement of the flashlight in his hand but on the opposing side. Like in a mirror. Just like a lens flare would. Also note that at first glance the flashlight seems standard but on closer inspection it does have three lights inside it.

Did ridley do it on purpose? I doubt it. Was some post production jackass playing with us by coloring it red? Maybe. Either way you guys are reading waaaaay too much into this stuff.

And no, thats not an inkblot predator. rofl


i loved the film prometheus but left me puzzled about about avp goes like this, prometheus is based in year 2093AD.alien 2122AD 29 years after,aliens 2179AD,alien3 2179AD,avp 2004,now i take it at the end of prometheus we see the first alien at its first stage,nothing like the alien we see in alien but with 29 years to effect different humanoids it may get to that stage in alien,in avp when reeling of when the predators found this back water planet in 2996BC we see the alien we all know,now we know the alien didnt first come till 2093AD in prometheus so how did the alien become in what it is in 2996BC when we see the predators at the top of the pyramid with them all running up ???? does this prove or give more hope that the predators can time travel???


I watched this last night rented it through the PS3 store. And i enjoyed all the effects but best part of the film is when the space jockey comes up
That was a brill part. Acting was a load of **** and considering this is a film starting the all time greatest film alien i thought it was disappointing.


I picked up the bluray and watched the deleted and extended scenes. I have to say if a lot of these were not cut, it would have improved the movie greatly. I loved the deleted scene where fifield found the shed xeno skin. This shows that the aliens are already around, they just inadvertenly started the evolutionary process again.


Saw it in the theaters have to say, it was one awesome movie.  Can't wait to see what else will be in store for that franchise. 

Bo Skarr

I saw the video. the tri-laser is half explained by the flash light. the flash light is three bulbs in a triangle. The other half is the red color of the tri-laser.
The Xenomorph on the wall looks like it is in the hive. On YouTube, HISHEdotcom did a better job of explaining it. Here is a link


Ok I got this movie for Christmas and have finally watched it for the first time. I thought it was a great film, but was left feeling wtf when trying to relate it to the alien franchise. Bit here's what I have come up with after numerous online reading.

There are two types of black goo. The engineer at the start mixes the black goo with his own DNA by drinking it. It causes him to degrade and his DNA then disintegrates into the water before mixing with other single organism creatures that will eventually evolve to create us.

The second form of the black goo has been mixed with xeno DNA. The room has been kept at a lower, perhaps even frozen temperature (can't remember if they announce the temperature in the movie). This stops the black goo reacting with the xeno DNA however when the scientists enter the temperature within the room changes and causes a reaction between the goo and the DNA. This reaction causes the caskets to overflow.

Now the engineers worshipped the alien race as a superior race to their own. However, at the time of Prometheus I am thinking that the xenos are extinct and that the last xeno was found and they managed to use its DNA and mix it with the black goo in order to create the xenos just as they created humans by mixing the black goo with their own DNA. They were taking the goo and xeno DNA to earth in the hope that by sacrificing their creations (us) they could create their gods (the xenos)

Now the black goo reacts in different ways depending on what it touches. This can possibly be explained through the same ideas that facehuggers produce different xenos depending on the host e.g pred alien or human. This can explain the fact that it reacts differently with the worms (creating worm like cobras with acid blood) and the sperm (octopus squid thing).

Now I think the worm with acid for blood will be the real thing that ends up turning into the facehuggers and xenos we know and love due to the acid for blood and the other creature at the end was just a kind of thing to throw you off the scent and show you what could happen if evolution hasn't taken a certain course and things hadn't happened perfectly. The deacon as its become known as (alien at the end) is a whole other species with similarities to the xenos due to the fact that the black goo has been mixed with the original xeno DNA. Much like humans do not exactly resemble engineers in appearance but have the exact same DNA. Hope you guys can follow this.

Also I think holloway, the guy that David infects is mutating into perhaps the same kind of thing that fifield did. We will never know though as he was burnt to death before his transformation/mutation was complete.

The engineer appeared surprised at the appearance of the giant squid thing because he had not expected it to be created yet as all the caskets were completely sealed up and locked down.

As for the holograms of the engineers, I believe the reason we can't see what they were running from is because they were the ones that were connected to the ship (possibly through their bio suits) whereas what they were running from wasn't. I think it was probably a form of the xenos, if what someone said was right about their being shed xeno skin. I haven't seen the deleted scenes so cannot comment on that.

The one that cuts of his own head I would say has been infected by Facehugger, and to prevent the chestburster from bursting out he commits suicide. This will also explain the carcasses of engineers with holes in their chest. The one in the head I'm not too sure about but perhaps he shot himself with a weapon on board that the Prometheus crew didn't come across.

The way the carcasses were stacked suggests someone stacked them there. I'm thinking that it was probably a rogue engineer who let out the xenos or created a batch of xenos to stop the engineers from reaching planet earth. Perhaps some if the engineers were having mixed feelings about the humans. Some loved them while others hated them. Much like how some humans appear to treat androids. Some love them while other despise them.

As for the alien eggs in alien I think that will be explained later and wasn't meant to be explained in this one. My theory is that the ship in alien crash landed before the ships in Prometheus. They were probably heading to the same destination but because of the unpredictable nature of when an egg will hatch they decided on changing the way they transported the xenos (through the black goo and DNA so they could create them when they arrived to earth). The cave paintings were created after engineers had come to earth to take humans to the star system drawn in the caves (which was a bio weapon research place or how to create their god figure) which they then used these humans to create the xenos which then layed the eggs which they would take to earth. The reason why their are so many ships on that planet was because their mission never got off the ground to begin with. They'd loaded up the ships but something went wrong before they could take flight. The engineer in cryo sleep was preparing for takeoff which he hasn't realised didn't happen. The only reason why the star system was drawn on cave paintings was because the ancient civilisations asked where the humans were being taken and the engineers showed them, not thinking anything of the matter as humans hadn't created interstellar travel to be able to follow the engineers there anyway.

Hope that makes sense and you like some of the ideas I've put here. Some are ones that I have found and expanded upon so sorry for that. I know that the red lasers were only reflections or camera glare from torches or even the red lights from the cave mapping thing but if you'd like to hear my ideas about how all of this could fit in with predators and even the AVP universe I'd be happy to write it here and see what you guys think about what I come up with.