Quakevirus Predator Designs... Predator Blade Botttle Opener Status Update


Thats it, swiss army knife is good for the bin.... replacement???? Quakes bottle opener, does what it says on the tin and more :p
Lol, I'm glad everyone is as pumped about theses as I am. If all goes well I might put together new design or two in the future.

Looking kick ass man!
Thanks Lem! I can't wait to put one in your hand. (y)

i like the fact that after a hard day of suiting up ....you can crack open a cold one.

i can see the response now.."Nice blades!!!...thanks pass me a corona please".
Haha! Someone needs to make non-twist off bottled water, so we can use them while we are still suited up! ;)

I'm not a everyday drinking kinda man but..with this bottle opener, I just might become one! lol


Hey guys and gals! Here's the run down of where we are at.. on a few projects:

Lair Shirts: Mock ups sent. Waiting for approval...

Blade openers: Talked to my guy today and the etching is a go..Black anodized coating a go. Waiting on a bill via email. I asked him to send me a couple raw ones as the anodizers we are going through are local for him and I want a couple to shop around prices for a possible second run. I'm expecting an acrylic prototype pic here soon. 4 spots left

Latex Thigh Plate Mold: finished and casting now o_O

Pred hands: Waiting on some wed clay to arrive, then I'm going to shell shock the **** out of it..ahem them. (y)

1/4 scalish... ahh you don't wanna know... :D

back to the shop, back to work (y)


Thigh plate mould? Damn what have I missed????? o_O
Lol I was testing out the materials and latex casting on a "small" scale before I went full scale with the Pred hands. No worries Jason, you haven't missed anything. I haven't had a chance to make a thread for the thigh armor yet. :)

Double H

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Lol I was testing out the materials and latex casting on a "small" scale before I went full scale with the Pred hands. No worries Jason, you haven't missed anything. I haven't had a chance to make a thread for the thigh armor yet. :)
Phew! (wipes sweat from forehead) :cool:


Update time:

Blades: Good news/bad news....bad news is, the yokle I was dealing with is out of the equation. He's taking way to long to get back to me and I want get this done. I called a different cutter in San Antonio (30 min drive away) and I'm working out the details with him now. I'm sacrificing the aluminum blade/anodized coating for the etching design and I'm 90% sure the final product will be .090 stainless steel with the design engraved into it.

Reasons being are if we were to go the aluminum route, In order for the part to hold up to opening bottles it would need to be about 3/16" thick aluminum. That would make the can opener and saw pointless. I don't want that. The water jet, from what I'm told with go right though the aluminum and the etching would have to then be added after the plating thus raising the cost per unit. I don't want that either.

If I go the Stainless Steel route, The etching could be added with the laser while it's cutting the blade shape and It could also be thinner and still hold up to wear and tear. Also the can opener and saw blade could easily be sharpened to functional status. I'm leaving the can opener and blade unsharp because I want to make sure they aren't mistaken for weapons with customs and whatnot.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have the final quote and invoice.. Once I get it paid(as soon as I get it), the turn around time will be 3-4 days o_O :D . This is getting exciting! Getting real close to production and only 4 spots left for the first run folks. (y)


Thanks man! I think they will look really slick with the stainless finished and the etching. I guess I gotta finalize the packaging design here soon. :D


Any updates on the T shirts?

EDIT: Decided that second question was better off sent as PM lol
No word on the shirts as of yet. Still waiting for an approval on the Artwork. Once I get it I'll put up a thread in the marketplace with all the info.

Blades: I was close to getting it done, then the guy stopped responding to me. I already talked to another guy about them. Then...lol..the first guy I talked to finally messaged me back and said he was going to cut a prototype.. haven't seen it yet.

I haven't gone anywhere, I still Lurk in the shadows of the board. :ninja: I've just been busy with other projects and custom work. I'm wrapping a In Real Life Futurama Mr.Peppy for my wife and a couple other people, some custom Tentaslug figures (for hopefully to be sold in a Comic Shop in Canada, the interest alone makes me happy :) ) and the redesign of my website.

Then I'll be back bugging the **** out of vendors until they make the blades and take my money. (y)