Quakevirus's Custom Cannon Contest Entry--The Bad Blood Cannon--Final Pics Pg 3


Haha, nice!
Thank you kind sir!

Hot diggity damn that's totally tubular!
Thanks Jason! Quick question.. who do I send my finished pics to? I'm assuming Art..right? I should have this guy done by sunday.

come on man enough with the foreplay, lets see a completed one,
we can handle it!

great job though!
Lol im almost done. The main cannon is done and sealed. I just need to paint the ports and canisters. Then install those and the quills. I'm pretty sure I made UV paint last night. The jury is still out till tonight.;)

WoooHooo... this looks like a great caster. I think this contest is going to be a tough one to judge.
Thanks bro! I'm actually quit nervous about this contest..its my first.: )

OK, this is really going to be cool! With all the lights in it.... :)
Thanks bro! Its probably the coolest looking thing I've made yet.:)


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Wow, this cannon is plain amazing...You've put so much originality into it and it came out amazing! You sir, deserve a well earned pat on the back The lights and quills look amazing, cant wait to see the final product, so keep us informed! Good luck! (y)


Wow, this cannon is plain amazing...You've put so much originality into it and it came out amazing! You sir, deserve a well earned pat on the back The lights and quills look amazing, cant wait to see the final product, so keep us informed! Good luck! (y)
Thanks Bro! Pat on the back? A simple vote be just fine. Lol Wait no longer..
With all my cards out on the table...and a couple touch ups away from final pics for submission. I present to you Quakevirus's Custom Predator Cannon in all her glowing blue glory.
Yup that's predator skin..and it matches my custom pred... The idea is that I could be painted to match custom suit patterns like the many we see here on the lair or even a P1 P2. I almost attempted to painted it like a berserker.... It is quite litterally a "Custom" "Predator" "Cannon" . Probably the coolest thing I've made yet. Definitely a fun build. Thanks for following along! (y) (y) I hope I earned your votes.

Whatcha think?

Tomorrow I'll fix the couple spots I need to and take more pics for submission. Monday my kids are coming down for Summer break so this is kinda my last Hurrah as far as big projects go. The majority of my cash flow is going to make sure they have a blast this summer. Don't worry I have a small pred project I'll be working on while they are here. Kids gotta sleep sometime. lol

Thanks again for watching guys and gals! (y)
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Absolutely phenomenal. Well done. I can't wait for more pics. You have created a hybrid of metal and flesh. Incorporating the Pred spots and quills into something much more ominous and deadly.

Anyone who played Half Life or watched District 9 and recalls the aliens will see a resemblance. Very cool creation my friend...very fooking cool!


Thanks Jason! It is definitely the coolest thing I've made and I really had a blast making it and sharing the journey with everyone. I'll get some more pics up tomorrow for sure. I still have to fix those spots. haha


Here's some more pics. I touched up a few more spots on the cannon.

I hope everyone enjoyed the build. Kids coming tomorrow soo that's all for this one.. on to the next!! :ninja:

The Bad Blood Bio-Tech Cannon..







Thanks again for following the build and hopefully voting!! (y)

Guan Thwei

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Now this is what I was waiting for I saw the sulpt and everything, but was not quite sure where you were going to take this build. So, bravo to you sir for making a first of it's kind that I have seen here in a long time of my years here on the Lair.


To be honest I didn't even know where this was going to end up either lol. I started this sculpt with a Falconer probe cannon in mind and well.... As I started getting really into it, the ideas and direction started to change and I ended up with a biotech Cannon with pred skin.

Comments like your's makes the all the time I put into it well worth it (6 hrs a night since the first contest announcement ..give or take). I'm excited to bring something new to my brothers and sisters here on the lair. :D

I guess I gotta name it now huh?


Haha, you always have some great designs, shut off the light to see some of that uv effect :)

Haha Thanks Jose! Big compliment for me coming from you bro! :D

So now you want me to turn the lights off...Next you'll want one of it outside in the sunlight.. I got jokes! haha

My camera battery is charging right now. Plus I'm cleaning off the SD card for the trip to pick up the kids tomorrow morning. If i can get the pics off and I have enough juice I'll snap one for ya. :)


Thanks for the compliment Uratz!! The cool thing is, I could go as far as leaving the quills out, sanding down the quill pores and paint it up like a Xeno. I think the potential in custom paint ups that could be done on this guys is endless. Different metal, different skin patterns.

Thanks again for the awesome compliment, I am a big fan of your work and truly nervous as **** to be in a creative contest with you.. :unsure:

Good luck with your build! From what I've seen it's going to be awesome.


haha, u need not worry. I may be dropping out of the race due to technical difficulties and the equipment i ordered still isn't here u til wednesday. The light swords i got were also messed up by the supplier and i can't get the right effect i wanted. Yes i am falling behind.


Oh noooo! If you have to drop out, I hope you still finish your Gauntlet Cannon. The design is beautiful. It sucks being at the mercy of your suppliers. I hope your equipment arrives safely and swiftly!

I still have the other guys to worry about. Their cannons look awesome and I have a feeling a few more great ones will be popping up here soon.

Double H

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Mary mother of God.......well, slap a monkeys momma and kick a Gorilla in the nuts that thing is phenomenal! Whats next? "custom" "predator" infused gauntlets? Absolutely stunning work, I have loved watching you bring thing to life! Epic journey