Queen of Death - Huntress build

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by kitti82, May 14, 2011.

  1. kitti82

    kitti82 Blooded

    I realised I was posting my updates to my Huntress suit in the completed suit room. Duhh.

    I am basing my build on this kit, Queen of Death

    I have already made a cotton painted skin. I have just made the left gauntlet out of foamies. I have also just made the left thigh armor from foamies. They are not complete only at raw stage. I have also began the spear.

    Left gauntlet
    Spear not in perfect position but will straighten the blade on the end and put the butt on properly later. Going to wrap it in leather and add chains/tribal stuff.
    Thigh armor
    Thigh armor on my leg not in perfect position but making sure it fits.

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  2. Darth Pinhead

    Darth Pinhead Hunter

    Well, this is gonna be cool as all get out! Looking forward to seeing this completed...
  3. Rabbit

    Rabbit Blooded

    oh man this looks like it's going to be sick, keep up the good work!!
  4. Pastry

    Pastry Blooded

    That's a really great start, can't wait to see the finished product (and I've always loved the model you're basing if off).
  5. Great build! I'll watch this threat.
  6. kitti82

    kitti82 Blooded

    Thanks for the encouragement guys, should begin scuplting in a week and a half. I have loved this model kit for a long time too All the little bits and peices are on order from ebay to decorate it too so can't wait!
  7. CyberPaddy66

    CyberPaddy66 Unblooded

    If this turns out half as good as that model looks it'll cause a pileup as people drive by wherever your wear it!
  8. kitti82

    kitti82 Blooded

    thanks I hope it doesn't cause that but I think any predators walking along might cause some form of accident hehe
  9. CoolleKotten

    CoolleKotten Hunter

    The only thing I can think of when seeing you stand on your bath tub is "dont slip!".
    Instead of taking the photo in your bathroom risking your life, can you put it on a table or chair and use the timer? Most cameras have those, even on selfphones. Not sure what you are using though. I feel like an old granny now...

    Other that, you are off to a good start. The sculpt is a very good one with nice design of armor and such. So wish you good luck with that.
  10. kitti82

    kitti82 Blooded

    Haha thankyou for your concern but I am very co-ordinated and agile and don't do anything I know I can't do! Plus I deal with more dangerous physical activities at work than standing on bath tubs
  11. fastburst

    fastburst Blooded

    So far great progress I see. Looks like another Foamie's master in the making

    If you need any pointers, feel free to ask as I have been dubbed the Foamie's Master now lol.

  12. BigGunns

    BigGunns Blooded

    Thats a cool kit... Mangrasshoper painted it. If I were you I wouldnt leave the armor foamies.. It will wrinkle if it bends. I would mold it and make the armor latex. Just a tip from Mel

    Looks great!

  13. JehdinThwei

    JehdinThwei Hunter

    Mel is the shit. I would listen to her over Gandhi or Buddha
  14. Philby

    Philby Blooded

    damn that looks awesome so far ,......the gauntlets are way better designed than mine to the point my blood bubbles,...ha hah
    very very nice,.....i'll be watching this thread,......=)
  15. kitti82

    kitti82 Blooded

    Righto here is an update. After a few weeks of buying a heap of stuff off ebay, have not received anything and now I am 4hrs from home picking up my moulding stuff and visiting my boyfriend so he can help me with my spear and wristblades.

    He cut the stupid mop bit off the end of my spear with an angle grinder and I stuck the butt of the kids sword on the end. It screws on and off the mop pole. The mop pole is adjustable btw.

    And he made me wrist blades from timber, stuck them together with a bit of timber with screws, then put it inside the old latex gauntlet from my man-pred costume I bought. We took off the dodgy material under the latex so it was an open peice of latex. I bought a kids shin pad set which is made from armor you see on motox gear. He drilled 2 holes into the shin pad plastic and the block of wood between the blades and screwed them together.

    I made foamie right gauntlets, and the kids shin pad has velcro straps so i rested the blades/shinpad on top of my foamie gauntlet and strapped them together. I have to move them into position a bit better but here it is for the moment. I need to glue the latex down and paint the whole thing of course.

    I also made a bead thread to attach to the back of the dreads similar to the one in her pics but couldnt get the beads to thread properly so this is it for now.

    I have painted the leg armor and left gauntlet but am not at home so I left those pics behind. I will post them once they are completely painted.

    Thanks for watching! Kitty
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  16. Bo Skarr

    Bo Skarr Blooded

    The wrist blade is covering a nice looking gauntlet the sword thing is awesome the sword butt is amazingthe beads look perfect(where did you get them) the wrist blade looks like you stole it from a Hollywood prop room. I can't wait to see the rest of it.

    By the way I like the pug. Imagine going to Pet Smart buying a pug going to bed and wake up to it liking your face, opening your eyes and seeing that!
  17. kitti82

    kitti82 Blooded

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  18. Estelle

    Estelle Hunter

    …Aren’t we a busy little bee! Love your productivity and your creativity…wow, mind blowing! I’m envious of you’re productivity hehehehe. I too am waiting on a bunch of stuff arrive from e-bay & etsy and can't wait to get started!!! I would love to see more of the skin you painted up.
  19. kitti82

    kitti82 Blooded

    Thanks hun I actualy have no time on my hands due to a crappy work roster and a boyfriend four hours away lol but when I am at home it's all I can do! Stuff the housework lol. Unfortunately due to latex going up 43% in price as of now, I will be keeping my skin as a cotton body suit and won't be converting to latex like your lovely skins. Theres heaps of pics of the skin in the completed suit thread under 'first timer'.. I am just about to start the clay build on the boots wish me luck.
  20. Bo Skarr

    Bo Skarr Blooded


    yeah the pomeranian from Blade Trinety had a mouth that looked like vampire things in Blade 2.
  21. VaderDave

    VaderDave Blooded

    LOVE Huntress builds... :) Keep up the great work!
  22. sonic7o7

    sonic7o7 Blooded

    really likethe designs on the boots. keep up the good work.
  23. xdmray

    xdmray Elite Hunter

    is the boot supposed to be metal armour? or a softer material? i ask because if you are going for metal, i would smooth out the surface before you add any detail.
    looks a bit bumpy. cheers though. it's nice to see some clay slinging.
  24. Hunterofthedark

    Hunterofthedark Blooded

    Awesome! Hope it turns out well! :)
  25. kitti82

    kitti82 Blooded

    After shaving the crap out of the boot to make it less bumpy..its still a bit bumpy but I think her boots would be soft to make them wearer friendly!

    Bio mask trimmed, sanded, eye holes and top of mask cut, sealed with resin fiberglass sealer...

    Oh and here is the spear wrapped in brown leather hot glued..
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