Question Concerning The Celtic Bio

I like the bio quite a lot but I didn't realize all the little problems it has. Particularly from one side of the face to the other. This seems to be carried through the original prop and on through to the sideshow collectible etc. I'm assuming this is because the bio was for a character who wouldn't get much screen time and the sculpt was a bit rushed?

I've had it about a week and it's starting to bug me. I'll likely get over it I'm sure. Just curious what others thought.


Elite Hunter
Can you post pics of the areas in question?
I'm wondering what you mean by "problems" with the sculpt.
I have a fairly critical eye when it comes to shapes and lines. So here are the problems I see . . . None of which are really correctable without some major reworking. So I'll have to let it be really.






On a sculpt as complex as the celtic, it's actually kind of amazing that that's all there is. Pretty much all of the bios are uneven or asymmetrical at some point. The Scar and Wolf both have problems, and are considerably simpler looking. And were the main bios in their respective movies.


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Wow! good eye!
I have not noticed the whole side you pointed out. I only noticed the middle when I looked at the celtic in pics.I own a celtic but it's a steve hird celtic.
And as Paul says'll be press to find a perfectly symmetrical bio unless it's sculpted here at the lair :rolleyes: :lol:
I believe the much talented people here tend to take their time and look for errors unlike movie studios who are time constricted and in a budget. So in other words I understand as to why it is the way it is. LOL( if that makes sense)
I'm sure if FX houses had more time to do their job they would take those kind of things in consideration.

A superb addition to any collection none the less.
have fun painting it!