Question on armour sculpt


Hi at all,
I'm working on the armour, I have a question
the bust is a big part, How I can obtain the negative from the clay?
It's ok if I make it in fiberglass?
thx at all


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Negative from clay you need to make a mold out of plaster,silicone, or fiberglass. Fiberglass is good if you going to mold foam latex. If you want it in latex then you need to use plaster. Resin you will need to use silicone.
One simple rule of thumb to remember here when molding something, and that is......

If you want to make a solid object from the initial object to be molded....You use a flexible mold ie. Silicone or Latex or a flexible urethane, then use a non flexible material for a mother mold or jacket.

If you want to have a flexible obkect from the object to be molded...You use a non flexible material to creat the mold....Now depending upon what you want to make will influence the mold material. I'll presume you want to do a simple latex piece...In which case you'd use a plaster or preferably a gypsum mold...Thes are strong and porous so you should get a good build up quite quickly.  But if you want to run other materials such as silicones or foamed latex you could go for a fibreglass mold.....

Hope this helps all you guys making your bits and bobs.


And remember that a fiberglass mold needs to be vented properly if you're running foam latex. If not, you could be looking at possible steam damage/"lakes"/etc...