Raf's Art - Concepts, Drawings And Others

Raf eReM

I'm quite new one, on these forum. I already visited these site, with huge admiration of all fanarts and custom builds :)

From first - I'm traditional and digital freelancer artist. I do concept arts and also illustrations etc. I'm also fan of many 'unfriendly designs' looking things :D
Preds and Aliens movies are still my top favs movies when I ended 4-5 years (early age for 'scary' stuff :p)
Mostly, I'm into horrors, sci-fi and general fantasy monster/creatures. I just love to create them.

My drawing portfolio with various artworks on my dropbox:
(.pdf around 10mb, some artworks contain gore/nudity - commissions)

Comments're always appreciated! :D

I'm trying to be pretty flexible and draw everything what my clients wanted, jumping from various styles and content (general to up), from toony to realism (my personal love, where I can put plenty details).

I'm curious if someone here might be interested, to have drawing with his character on some scene, or maybe  to have designed some unique deisgns for suits, like weapons, helmets, other armour things... or just 'artwork for personal fun'.

I'm often on skype: raf_blue_dragon
You can add me, and ask any questions, there, here or on notes, I don't bite ;) I'm always open minded for various ideas! :)