I decided to try out Joes's "tatorial" (PREDATOR P1 PAINTUP TUTORIAL-FINALLY!!! ) found here in the Huntorials last week. Since this is my first real mask paint-up attempt, I decided to experiment on an old Rubies mask. Additionally, I forgot to pick up some more black, so I had to go a little heavy on the dark brown... but it worked out. Will probably add some black this week just to see what it looks like. Pretty much followed Joe's tutorial aside from the Prosiade in step one. I'll save that for the REAL paint-ups. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT TUTORIAL JOE!... And as stated in your tutorial, it actually only took a couple hours. Can't wait to work on a REAL mask now!


see?it really does work!now nobody needs me,sniff(lol).im going to post a P2 and other ones like hands,ft,and armor.