real predator bio mask


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I think I should remind our members about the 0 tolerance on recasting other peoples works or providing no proof of how they created the item.
Did you sculpt these yourself?
Seeing as I have owned both bios but not in aluminium form. From the original artists. It is only natural to ask if you have rights to produce these from the original artist...


100% my own work wreav {sculpted by me and a little help from my bro} lol the first mask took well over a year to prefect my skills and bashing my brain to figure out a way to make these masks in aluminium . it now takes me about 2 weeks to cast a full mask so i wont be in a rush to give anything away lol there is a chap on youtube that shows how he cast his masks but his are about an inc thick and would be very heavy, mine are less than 5mm thick. i have worked in foundries making sand molds ect and also casting when i was younger . you could wear my bios over a full pred costume for short periods of time there about 2kg on average i have made 1 that was 1.5kg . as far as i know nobody sells these in aluminum . i am working on making a p2 mask in copper and another in brass a.t.m ..........i got sick of resin ones broke a few lol wanted to make these for a long time for myself


hi hope you are well .did you get my new photos I sent about 2 weeks ago of my masks now that mine are all finish. hows the predator 2 mask coming along ? nice to see your work out and about. just upload my photos here the other day of the mask I got for your good self. if you didn't get the photos just pop over as there are listed for everyone to see. again I hope are well thanks again neville