Repainting Sideshow Predators


Hia Everyone

I have been thinking a while on repainting my 2 sideshow busts
I have the P1 and the wolf and they lack a bit in the paintwork IMO.

What do you guys think is it a bad idea / will it loose in value ?

Second i know that some have repainted SS stuff is there anything to concider before going all crazy with the airbrush ?

Kind regards


Elite Hunter
I say go for it if you're not concern about lossing value.
You're right jimmy they lack on the paint apps.
I obstained from buying the P1 just because of those awful pixelated eyes. I know you'll do more justice to those bust than sideshow.
:) keep us posted


I say go for it, plus I would not worry about it effecting the value of the piece, if done well it will actually increase the value.


Veteran Hunter
I agree with the value INCREASING if it looks good enough. The factory paintjob from the factory was **** , not defined and quickly done. ANY custom paint job would be beneficial...