Resin thickener for the budget-conscious prop-maker...



Hey everyone!!!

I was looking for a way to save resin on my slush-casting for cannons and believe that I have found the perfect solution.(For me, at least)

I use the 2-part 50/50 polyresin for all of my castings and find it to be too much of a time-killer and resin waster to slush 5 or 6 layers of it into the mold. So here is what I did to resolve this...

Since I make quite a mess dremelling resin after casting, I thought about using the resin dust as a thickener for the resin itself. I gathered up the resing dust in a plastic zip lock bag and poured in a ratio of 1/3 dust to 2/3 liquid resin. Once I had poured an un-thickened impression layer , I poured one or two layers of the resin-spiked liquid and did the usual slushing.

It worked fantastic!! The casting was strong and thick after only 3 layers. It also lightened the cannon by nearly 8 ounces!!

So save that resin dust!!! Not only is it a great filler/thickener for casting, but it saves money and makes recycling sense!!!

But don't leave baggies of it in the car. The police may think that it's something else!!!



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Sounds awesome. A good way to lighten an UBER load I think. hehhhehhe