Rob Zombie's "Halloween" remake

Shai tan

From the Trailer I saw in a link a friend sent me.... this 1 looks to be more the Definitaive version of how Halloween should have been done. Definately wanna check it out.


but I'm still unsure of this need to re-make film classics
Well you're not alone there. For some great, unknown reason, Hollywood thinks that all of it's classic horror movies need to be re-made. Horseshit.

Rob Zombie was good in "White Zombie." His solo stuff was "decent" at best. I watched "House of 1000 corpses" a few times, actually. The first was to actually see the movie, and the other two times was just to figure out what the **** was going on. The movie itself is like 3 different movies inappropriately thrown together into one giant cluster-**** that borrows bits and pieces from the "Texas Chainsaw Massacere." To me, it seems that the studio just gave him money and said "do whatever, we don't care aslong as your name's on it." To some extent, "they" were right, and people flocked to it and said what a great movie it was. Well bollocks to that. The only thing I came away with was so long as it's weird it doesn't have to make sense. ********. I didn't go and see the sequel with a different name due to the fact that I'd counted on it being just as big-a pile-o-**** as the first movie.

You know what... "Halloween" by todays standards is cheesey. Is that any reason to remake it? Is there in Whorey-wood that much of a lack of ideas that they need to refresh a classic? Here's a thought... hire writers who prefer to do original work instead of re-hashing a script for a movie that came out thirty years ago.

If they're going to start remaking old classics... what's next? Jason? Freddy? You don't ******* touch Freddy. He was ahead of his time.

I've realised that the phrase "If you think you can do it better, do it" is more of a curse than encouragement.


agreed Robillicus. Although I, as a fan of Halloween, can't wait to watch the movie (it IS halloween after all, and i want to see a new installment), i do have some doubts of this movie. I mean, have you read the 1st draft? ********. and i heard they're doing a "re-imagining" of F13 in the talks or something.


Well, I watched the trailer and I think it looks pretty darn good. But, what can you make of that? There's good trailers outthere that tend to put all the great scenes into it. People get hyped and then you watch it and guess what. Yep...all the great scenes WERE in the trailer and the rest sucks! Something about it makes me think it's going to be good. The last scene in the trailer was nicely done as well. I like that know you look around at all the houses in your area and then pick one out and wonder, What's going on in that one! WELL! you see Micheal Myers popping out the door for a second and woooo! You don't want to know!. Of course as your barely peeking through your window, you notice that he is looking right up at your window. Thats right...YOUR NEXT! oop..I just looked out my window. WHoa! save for another day!

As far as remakes go! I don't mind them that much. Some suck and some don't. They have been remaking movies for ever. You can find movies that were made in the 30's, then in the 50's and the 80's. Guess what ...they are remaking it again. hahaha!
I have seen almost every version of The Hound of the Baskervilles ever made. How many times has a classic like A christmas carol been made. TOO MANY! However, Not only do I like the Reginald Owen one, (not the first one) but I also like the George C. Scott version. And who could forget my favorite version of all. Scrooge McDuck! Somethings are sort of sacred though! Remaking the Predator with some other dutch! Ouch! Prick we not bleed! (if it bleeds, we can kill it!) With a new version of Halloween, it might make people want to watch the original again. Some maybe, however possible, that haven't seen the originals. Personaly I could skip part 3.


sometimes the remakes are awsome like the new king kong remake. i think that hollywood has pretty much run out of fresh ideas so there remaking alot of old films or basing them on comic book characters. as far as rob zombies movies just completely sucking i have to dissagree. at least he came up with some original characters and its supposed to be a low budget drive in style horror film. and even though the first one was a bit corney i think the way he shot the film gave it alot of character and made up for its short comings. i dont really feel some movies like halloween need to be remade though i think it has to be a real clasic like kong to do that to. i wouldnt mind seeing them rmake the original jaws film but the 3 main actors in that film are what made it. i dont think you even need to see the shark for that movie to have been great. i heard that the grindhouse movie had some fake intermission films and one of them was a rob zombie flick it sounded like it would be a cool movie for him to actually write a complete script for. another movie i heard they were planning on rmaking was clive barkers first hellraiser film. i shure hope not especially if they get someone else to play pinhead doug bradly is pinhead and his performance doesnt need to be messed with.

Shai tan

I am pretty open to anything. But only as long as it tops the original for ME. Does it justice. If they ruin it, then I may rant. hehhhe Take the Fog as a good example. They really did a great remake of it. Really explained the story a tad better imho. Freddy obiously can`t be outdone. No one is Robert E but Robert E.

Same with Pinhead. Doug IS Pinhead. I feel the same way about Bruce Campbell. But someone in a mask? Naaaah. All they gotta do is act incharacter. No one would be none the wiser if they used 6 actors behind Jasons mask, and they all acted the same. Imho.


Veteran Hunter
Remakes are becoming more popular because original ideas are getting harder and harder to find. Its easier for someone to redo a classic best selling movie and add thier own flair than to create something that hasn't been seen before...


Nothing negative intended toward,s anyone! But I for one am a Halloween fan, One cannot
remake what is already known to be a Classic Slasher Film! However it is after all entertainment
so wait until the movie is out and than everyone can make there own personal conclusion! It is
after all a matter of opinion!
The Shape Of Thing,s To Come!

Shai tan

About a Freddy prequil.....

"Apparently, they're considering a prequel to the original film - showing Freddy's back history prior to his incineration (even though they've already done this at least twice already in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare and the Freddy's Nightmares TV series)."

I`d be up for this, only if Robert E was in the film.


Love the original Halloween series. Rob Zombie is a freak of nature and I like his visual style. One side wishes they would leave the originals alone. The other side of me wants to see where he takes it.


For me remaking the classic movies is like sampling good music and adding it to the crappy music of today.

Cary :)


Ofcourse there's gonna be some mixed feelings on this movie...but I'm gonna check it out for myself. :)
Looks pretty cool.