Rob's Drawings: Samurai, Juggernaut, P2 and more


This work is mind blowing i have seen some good drawings in my time but fk me these are immense. You are truely a master of the pencil
i really think this guy needs his own gallery thread made up on the lair its all outstanding.


Oh wow!! I had no idea there'd been more replies to this. I figured by clicking on "Follow This Topic," I would receive some sort of notification. Hmm...

Thanks for the kind words, Ninjabiker!!! You are too generous!!

Chris -

He's gone away I'm afraid. Unfortunately, I'd reluctantly started sculpting it when I knew that I'd be moving, and have no set-up space for it. Plus, it was damn near close to 80 pounds (the international exchange rate is A LOT), and I sure as hell didn't want to lug that thing around. I did do a lot of "new" things with it, and tried out some new techniques that I will carry over onto my next sculpt. However, I need to quit side-tracking myself with projects that keep me from working on my Hippie plans. I need to get over myself and my insecurities, and just go for it! Which is what I'm going to do once I get settled, and get some kind of a studio set up. But, for now, I won't be sculpting anything. I'm sick of using Roma - the stink, the oily feeling, and the way your fingers stink for days after. I'm gonna be switching over to Chavant. Which, I'm sure in itself will be an expensive endeavor. Anyway, there WILL be more stuff... just not in the immediate future. I'd like to see some more work from you, too!!!



This one here took me about 16 hours combined. I had to split that up over two days, because I started to have shooting pains in my wrist and forearm. I probably would've had it done in one day. I'm trying to do more, and I'm trying to get it done... faster. Well.. .somewhat --- without sacrificing quality. 

Here it is --- 


I will definitely have more up real soon. Thanks for looking!!!  :D