Rob's Drawings: Samurai, Juggernaut, P2 and more


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my good god.

the last but one picture with his arms out to the side is fuckin mind blowing. again it looks photorealistic, man i love the boar bio, i need to get my ass into gear start on my new room and then chat up Gene lol.

Got anything else for us Rob?

dont make us wait so long eh :)


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Rob honestly have an unparalleled ability to capture the predator and all the subtle nuances that truly make the creature what it is. Amazing work as always ..thank you for sharing these


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comon Rob, we need more, you are like the Pencil pimp, we are all addicts waiting for more fixes of pencil.

anything else being worked on?
I always get this dorky smile when I see new drawings from you... this time was no exception.

Wolfs armor actually fits rather well with the Boar helmet, you put them together nicely!


Here's a drawing of the Boar that I finished up a little over a month ago.

The concept (one of many I'm workin' on for fun) here is that, after a considerable amount of time before the movie, the character was chosen to enter the "Citadel." - I just kind of let my imagination fly with this - I was thinking; ya know, we all know that the Predators make their own gear... but where and when? So considering the race has been around for who knows how long, I came up with a place that is older than time itself (cleche). A structure that is so huge, sacred, and so pretentious, that it takes up an entire planet. The architecture and layout are so bizarre, that it's like a massive "jungle-jim" slash playground. One where the chosen creature is put against a series of real-world trials. He is pitted against hundreds of different creatures that it would encounter later in it's "career." That is, if it survived.

So, by now you're thinking that it's just like "Predators." Well, I was worried about that, don't get me wrong. However, the Predator(s) enter the Citadel with no weapons, and only the [i]clan-specific[/i] adornments passed down through his clan. The challenge is entirely up to the creature to create a persona; including the construction of a helmet. "Well, where do they get all this **** to make stuff?" Easily answered! The Citadel has many functions; one of which, is that anything and everything can be used to make weapons and/or armor. My idea was this - that while it's being beaten down, and constantly under threat of attack, it has to forge the equipment it needs to survive the challenges. So basically, the Predator is using the raw-materials, and pieces from the structure to survive and create it's own identity. I will say, that the creature is alotted time after each successful kill to create weapons and armor. So, not only does each piece represent a win, but it's also a sacred, and treasured item.

Here is my first installment: The Boar.


Now, I know that wearing a blade-gauntlet is contradictory towards the movie, but I just thought it looked cool and fit with the overall theme. He's also got a spear, and a disc (I dunno if he had one on-set) to kind of show his progression and success with the trials.

Thanks for looking, and let me know what you all think!! I'm gonna go fan-boy-out some more. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!



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Rob I juts had a predgasm and have to go change underwear! o_O
I wish you would make prints of this drawings,I know I woulnd't be the only one buying! LOL
keep up the great work ROB!


I really like your way of thinking. and that War pred is insane , it is wierd that just the bio change made a whole new pred. keep up the good work dude


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I'm surprised at the lack of response for this masterpiece..cuz that's what it is a ******* masterpiece! weren't lying when you said you were working on some cool designs while on chat o_O .COOL indeed! :D
I'm soo in awe of the detail you have put on this piece.Mind blowing!
Now I can't wait to see what you have in store for Gene.
Again: great drawing and great concept!


When I saw this thread revived, I figured it for another Newb looking at some awesome pics & reviving an old thread. Then I saw you added the Boar. Wow, Rob... I can't really look at these for too long. It's like looking at the Arc of the Covenant, luckily my face didn't literally melt from the awesome illustrations.

Rob, don't ever stop man. These are just so damned awesome. Seriously, I love them all, Rob.
Just pure genius Rob! amazing life-like drawings, my jaw hits the floor everytime i see them.
Hmm...that Boar bio + Wolf body gives me an idea for my Wolf suit o_O


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do you realize how uncanny your drawing ability is?.....all these years it's been beyond cool to see your works....



Hi there. I am new on this Forum.
Your works are beyond Awesome. some time ago a Friend from deviantart showed me one of Your works-anytimes face. So since I have an account now i need to say something about Your works.
I only saw the similiar level of details on some Predator/Predator 2 concept art.
I cant even start to wrtite how unique every one of your masterpieces are.
Your Predators are soo well designed I didnt find any flaws in them.
Every proportion is great every amor and skin detail soo unique soo simply Beautifull.