I've seen Rome continuously from the start of the second season. After all the careful creation and defining of the characters, the writers seemed rushed to bang out the series in 22 episodes. Big mistake. To meet the deadline of a handful of final episodes for a show that's ending (Sopranos)---why would anyone be in a hurry to end a new series in an f'ed up way?
Because they were rushing to finish the series, there were too many gaps, too many screw ups. I felt in a lot of cases there was some objectionable stuff inserted vicariously, such as the scene where an older woman is dripping milk from her brests onto Julius Ceasar's lips as he's lying in state after being stabbed to death. Why in the F do we need to see that? If scenes like these had anything to do directly with the storyline, that would be one thing but it's like some producer said "Stick stuff in here and there to keep the R rating"
All in all, I've got to say I was disappointed in a series that really could have been something. Bottom line, movies and shows pretty much suck these days because there's no real writing talent anymore.



Elite Hunter
It's funny Carl...I've been glued to this show since it started, and while I do agree with you on most of what you said, it was the show's unique approach to telling a historical story that appealed to me. The "Rosencrantz and Guilderstien are dead " arc, where all of what is going on are seen through the eyes of two commoners in an uncommon situation is what made it for me. While sometimes the subplots were confusing and there was un-needed sex and ...well...I kinda liked the sex an' violence I guess i shouldn't complain...the story of Pullo and Vorenus is why I kept coming back. Now that the show is over..I'm finding that I already miss those characters ( anyone who was around during the end of M*A*S*H will understand this feeling) The last episode was indeed rushed and could have stood for at least a two hour finale to better serve the demise of Cleopatra and Anthony justice. I did however love the return of the bitchy Atia and the final words of the show cracked me up.


Hey guys that's awesome man I had no Idea that there was some Rome fans here, as for the ending episode it was a let down man I'm not gonna say anything here since I don't want to spoil anything for others but it is true they did waste a lot of time on ******** things don't get me wrong I love the whole show and will get season 1 and 2 on DVD that's the only show that I watched on TV and the other is Heroes that's it the rest just don't get my intention what really pisses me off man is that at least they could have gone out with a bang and the end or save some of the money for the finale episode. But anyways hope there's something similar on TV in the future I really will miss Rome I really loved that show and it really had a great cast.