Saint George Dragonslayer

The idea for my build is a Yautja that was left behind during the medieval ages. His armor is bits and pieces of medieval armor and chainmail that I make for my other hobby. The Queen is one of the dragons he is known for killing. However, actual dragons will be present on his suit as well. I started working on his shield which is a small queen's head. I started it with a cardboard shape, then started covering it with great stuff.

Here it is after some great stuff foam. I had intended to oversize it so I could carve and shape the foam. Unfortunately, the cans were old and splattered badly when they sprayed. Expansion was uneven and I had three different types of foam. I decided to use that as a base and will make another one later when the shop is setup. I started to lay paper mache on top. I use white glue by the gallon and paper towels. Here is the front and the start of mache on the right side.

I've been busy working the predator helmet at the Haunted Trail for Charity the last two weekends. I threw a coat of paint on the skull just to see how it is starting to look. Can't decide if I want a rugged bone look on the head, or the smooth carapace look. Anywhozzles,...

Ultimately, george will have as weapons, his wrist blades, a glaive and his shield. That is all. The shield will be the queen's skull, with one twist. When I activate the shield, the mouth opens and the inner jaws strike outwards. The first shield will be static and eventually be a wall mount item. the second, also will be wall mount, but functional.​
Time moves on! I have now bought a 5 acre tract with a house and garage. Also dropped a small workshop. In the works are a home business finally and a full sized predator area! For next years medieval faire I am finally able to finish Saint George! The Queen skull was accidentally destroyed in the old workshop during a move. Now being a foamsmith I am creating all pieces in due form! Starting with the new design for the plates. Something from scratch. Onward and upward!