Samurai predator progress


Young Blood
Good job! I've found molds and casts (be it for anything) is very hit and miss. Congrats on finally getting a good enough cast!


Finally getting back to making some progress. First I didn't like the caulker backs on this predator mask at all and thus have made 2 molds and my own dreads. So much better. They are a mix of Flex Foam 3 and Flex Foam 6 with coats of latex and silicone ( purple = silicone, white = latex). I have also started the arm gauntlet for the left hand because he doesnt have a bomb gauntlet and the right left armor (so much detail). I will paint the dreads the same colors as before as well.



I was just rereading this and realized I liked your previous post about switching out the backer rod. Man, I should've taken the hint back then and went with the foam cast method.