San Diego Comicon 2008


I know its a ways off but it will be here before you know it. I am making this post because I would like as many people to go and be there as possible. If you have never been, I cant put into words how much The Predators rule the floor. It was insane last year and there were only two. As of now Seahunter, PDisc, HDogg, The Mortal Immortal, Nuckingfutsbong, Munster38, and myself are gonna be there. As many of you know I travel extensively with work. I rack up so many free flights that I cant possibly use them all by the time they expire. So, when it gets closer I will see what I have accrued in flights and offer them to those who would like to go at a very low rate. I want to make an appearance that will not be soon forgotten at the Con. Imagine it, a whole Lair clan clearing the way and owning the show. I have already reserved a room in the Gaslamp district which is walking distance to the Con. It will make getting dressed much easier than at the show. I will have a rental car and help with getting you guys around if need be. Lets do the damn show! I would like to get flyers, business cards, and whatever else we come up with to get The Lair name out there. Sport the shirts after hours if we hang at dinner, drinks, etc. We had tons of people asking how , when, where to get info on a suit or parts. I think it would be very beneficial to the artists here trying to sell there wears. If you dont have a suit thats fine, we will need support people to keep us from getting mobbed and dying of dehydration. I will try and take care of those who would like to run support. Thats what I did for Seahunter and Nuckingfutsbong this year at the Con. Come one, come all and lets Hunt the Con in 2008!!!! [URL=""][/URL]

2008 Attendees: 7 Suited Hunters 5 Support {12 Lair Members!}
Bovine13 -Suit
PDisc -Suit
HDogg -Suit
Moore3160 -Suit
Ei'luj -Suit
Depredador1997 -Suit
Nuckingfutsbong -Suit
Seahunterr -Saturday Dinner

Support Team:
Greyback - Media Coverage
PDisc's Uncle
HDogg's Friend
Iampredator > Support Team
Ei'lug's Friend
Depredador1997's Friend


Elite Hunter
If the pred gods work in my favor...count me in.

hmmm i'm thinking can i finish a new suit before july?.........



This is one event im thinking bout going to, but ive got to get suit done before San Fransico Wonder Con also wanna debeut it there and tweak it before the Com Con.


Elite Hunter
ohh yeah the elder... i plum forgot

just trying to see if can push myself to create....and set a goal


There were 3 Pred's at the Comic Con.
I'll be back next year already bought my ticket.

I will also be at Wonder Con. I went to that last year also.

See ya there
Actually, that's a great due date for my new costume. As long as I don't have a softball game (Summer is my fastpitch season) then count me in.

So... I'm a "tentative" Yes. I'm located on the central coast, so I don't need any sky miles. B)


Its been a year for my pred mask sitting along on its desk, i think this will be the time B). Met some of you last year, was cool briefly talking to yall. So, I shall begin so the hunt will be on!


i go to dragoncon every year, but if SDCC is the place to be for preds, i'll try my damndest to make it out this year. assuming i have my suit done by then B)
bovine, i live in tx too...what part are you from?


I should be back in 2008 as well, last year was very impressive! No suit though so I can play the 'waterboy' part for some of you. And surely take a few groupshots, that would look like the lost hunter tribe reunited! B)