Screen Used and Original Movie Props


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i can confirm that this piece was taken from the headpiece that was screen used. I got it in a transaction many moons ago. i figured it would get more use in a sculptors hands than just sitting on my wall...


Good for you Lee it's nice to see actual props from original movies that have inspired so many and entertained even more.

$5 CAD right now for them.....
So Lee will sculp a new P1 head afther is finish his legs, right hand, some paintjobs, female pred-mask and maybe Eldar Greyback?

The same tought here, Colm.


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Andre, I have had this for several years and my own silicone p1 was sculpted with the help of this , and a picture of the actual raw mask.
Andre, I have had this for several years and my own silicone p1 was sculpted with the help of this[sub] (i-did-not-knew)[/sub] , and a picture of the actual raw mask[sub]( I know that the cut out is the real thing).[/sub]

I did not knew you used it for your sculps.
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I only used it for reference on the sculpt which became my silicone mask.

I think that it why the stunt bio fits my silicone so perfectly.


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You have a what? And why hasn't it been shared?


1st of all , Someone ( not a member of the lair ) sent me the picture when i was sculpting my silicone P1, but they stated the picture is NOT for general use yet, and made me swear i will not post it on any forum, for one i KEEP my word ( which to me still means something , unlike alot of people here it seems ) and i am NOT going to piss off someone who has trusted me.

2nd..............Maybe its because people seem to think they have some sort of entitlement to EVERYTHING, and blurt out demanding comments like yours that some things are still being kept back, acting like a spoilt child with a GIMME GIMME GIMME attitude does not work. maybe try using manners next time.
I never demanded anything nor do I think I sounded like a spoiled child. I had a feeling that was the reason for not posting it, but i figured i would ask anyways appearently that makes you sound like a greedy little child who has no manners...


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If you had a feeling why did you not try putting that across?

Maybe asking was there a particular reason it has not come to light. using some manners maybe.......... but no , you posted .

"You have a what? And why hasn't it been shared?"

Anyway , now you have a answer.
Speaking of Screen Used and Original Movie Props thread I just found this auction for a screen used Dreadlock from Predator it looks pretty authentic to me, but not quite sure. it looks worn yet to new for it to be screenused. You guys judge. Here is the auction
I got the same on my Rubies mask of mine budget Wolf suit.


I was in Virginia two years ago and I stopped at the NRA museum. And i forgot i had these photos.
They have a movie props (weapons) section, and I found this little jewel.

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