Sculpting with alignate and Ultracal 30



Hi Guys,
I have bin reading alot and got alot of help from this site, but I run into some troubbles, This is what I have done..
I have made a Goo of alignate and water
first of all nothing is certain about how much water and alignate is to be used wich confuse me a bit because I only have like a minute of working time and 3 min of setting time according to the label.
so I messed up three bags of alignate already :/
So to sculp a hand, up to your elbow hoe much alignate do you guys use and how much water to mix it with!

my second question is about the ultracal 30
well.. I have made a good hand with it, unfortunatly it was to small because I messed up with the alignate.
But How much water do you mix the gypsum with? there is no label at all at the bag, maybe the store set me up or something.. still I got some on my hand and it didn't burn me... well... just a small help would be nice, aprox.

well to my last question, and thx for staying with me here! lets say I sculpt my hand, I put clay on it and shaped it like a Pred hand. Now I would like to do what to make a shell to make a silicon or latex hand of it...
Do I put alignate over it and thenlatex in the alignate shell?
Or do I put some kind of ... I don't know... It feels like I miss out on some thing...
I have clay
I have alignate
and I have Ultracal 30... do I need anything else?
Thx for all the help guys

The Big Gunns

They make alginate that takes longer to set.. so I would use that. The alginate should be sort of like thick a pancake batter consistancy. Always mix with cold water.. the warmer the water the faster it sets.

As for the Ultracal.. that should more like a shampoo consitancy. You sort of have to eyeball it.. there isn't reall a way of measuring. The important thing is to make sure you mix it well to remove airbubbles (bang on the table to make them rise to the surface then ightly mist alcohol to pop them).

If you want a latex pull or you hand sculpt, you need to make a 2 part mold of your sculpt in ultracal. Its sort of a pain to do because you have to make a clay wall in between the fingers. But its the only way you will be able to get the original out.