Seeking a UK collector called James (Jim) Ferguson


Where do I start... I have been on ebay for about 10 years now and didn't think I would be foolish enough to be ripped off but I have been. I bought a load of stuff from a guy called Jim Ferguson from just outside London. He sold me about £10,000 worth of stuff and delivered in two goes. The first lot was all fine and as it was all good, I said I had run out of space and could he box up the rest so I could put it in storage for a few weeks. He did just that and then, when I came to open up some of the boxes, all that was in them was some gym weights. He owes me a Sideshow Predator 1 lifesize bust, the predator disk with the spikes and a Cinemaquette T-800. This means he has ripped me off for over £4000 and I am not happy and wondered if any of you know him, know of him or know where he lives. I have been to the police and will not stop until he has been arrested, taken to court and hopefully sent to prison but any help from decent and honest people such as yourselves would be greatly appreciated. I know he will eventually try to sell on the goods and the collecting community is not that big. If you do have any info on him that would be greatly received and appreciated.