Shaman Albino's Lid

Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by NeoKazama, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. NeoKazama

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    Hi guys. a couple years ago I built and painted this predator for a customer. A helmet was the last piece to complete this hunter.
    Picture of the bio will be posted very soon. Bio will match the rust texture and colors.

    Here are a couple old pics from that suit...


    1463588_668975569789390_1276922055_n.jpg 1549500_686528894700724_546992986_n.jpg 481018_669931646360449_377750326_n.jpg
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  2. NeoKazama

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  3. Reminds me somehow on Saruman`s „white claw”.
    Very cool!
    The corrosion looks also top notch.

    Only the jaw is still too clean for my taste.
    A few darker brown colors on the bone would be nice.
    How about a broken jaw/ tusks (so the leather bands hold it together)?

    In ADI`s AVP book there is a pic, that shows the elder-bio with damaged lenses.
    That would fit also quite well to your berserker bio.


  4. NeoKazama

    NeoKazama Hunter

    Thanks for the input Okami, Yes! definitely want to weathered the jaw some more. The cracked lense is a no go, because client wants to be able to wear it and see thru it, and if you ever wore a full mask and a bio, is very difficult even with a clear lense lol
    I'll update pics later with weathering.
    Thanks again bud

  5. Oh yes, it makes sense to see through the lenses in a costume.
    Anyway, the green lenses look impressive in combination with the rusted surface of the bio and the other armor-parts.

    Will you add some kind of "magic"-staff to the shaman?
  6. NeoKazama

    NeoKazama Hunter

    Thanks man, lenses actually change color from green to red in certain angles. You can see that on second photo, one of the eyes is red. No staff for this hunter, he has a home in Shangai and im guessing is done for now. :)
  7. NeoKazama

    NeoKazama Hunter

    Okay here it is:

    20170425_225954.jpg 20170425_230038.jpg 20170425_230051.jpg 20170425_230122.jpg 20170425_230102.jpg 20170425_230212.jpg 20170425_230220.jpg 20170425_230243.jpg
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  8. Jmen

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    Texture and color (y)(y)(y)
  9. Isubomo

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    I love this build! Such unique colour Neo!

    Maybe a little bit more wear and tear on the jaws as well?
  10. Do you looking for a necklace for your predator-build?

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