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Discussion in 'General Predator Discussion' started by Huntress, May 14, 2017.

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    New video confirming the movie details

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    Hey hey hey now ... I just got over the flu and thought I was done throwing up :sick:
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    Personally, I'm still half-open to the concept as pretty awesome, but my fear is that they will screw it all up.
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    Don't watch this again... - we want you feel better:)
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    BENSIN Hunter

    100%, unadulterated, absolute gutter trash.

    Shane Black, you are garbage.
    Whoever is calling the shots over at FOX, lay off the cocaine. You are garbage.

    We went from Dutch and his commandos being eliminated by a single hunter with almost no gear and Dutch just barely surviving to a 12 year old autistic kid standing against the hunters. This is basically The Transformers except with Predator.

    If you're excited about Shane Wack's new Predator movie, then you probably can't wait for the new FOX comedy sitcom: "Hanging with the Predator"

    I've been privy to some internal emails and here's an inside look at the decision making behind the scenes at FOX:

    D. Dumbass@FOXShmucks. com - Donny Dumbass (Producer):
    In a title that gives homage to the hunters skinning their victims and hanging them upside down (true fans of the originals will TOTALLY LOVE THIS and watch) we're presented with a progressive family whose intersex gender fluid daughter, Shane, (or Shania depending on his/her/it's mood that day) is bullied at school. But shim's luck changes when a giant f*cking space craft crashes in their backyard, it's suburbia, but people are stupid so no one else notices, not even the neighbors. Suddenly, Shane makes a new friend because this alien creature is just as wacky looking as Shane is to other humans! Both of them feel like they just don't fit in, so they quickly become friends. With her new uncle Pete (the Predator) she stops fearing the bullies because he has a new-found confidence, primarily sparked by the Predator murdering everyone that messes with shim. Shane also has a new pet dog, appropriately named Horny (It was on the Predator ship and this quadruped has spikes protruding from its skin) and with a name like Horny, audiences will laugh at the hilarity that ensues! For example, in the pilot we have Horny chasing after a car down the street and he ends up pinning himself to the rear bumper because of the spikes and as the car drags him along, he farts and his farts sound like an exotic car exhaust! Despite Pete being over 7 feet tall, having mandibles and smelling like swampass and Horny not being a canine, no one says anything about it because they're too afraid of offending others! The premise is perfectly set! Long time fans of the iconic franchise will love this series because we pay homage to the original material by using the word "Hanging" in the title, even though we completely f*ck up and ruin the franchise. Newcomers will watch anything, so it's sure to be a hit!

    P.S. I just stabbed some homeless guy and I'm hurting for PCP.

    C. Crackpipe@FOXShmucks. com - Carmen Crackpipe (FOX Executive):
    Wow! Love it! You are so creative! Greenlight!

    D. Dumbass@FOXShmucks. com - Donny Dumbass (Producer):
    So you want to go score some Angeldust and bang later?

    C. Crackpipe@FOXShmucks .com - Carmen Crackpipe (FOX Executive):

    EDIT: How do I "like" my own post?
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    Perhaps going a bit overboard bensin, but I still agree this thing will be a true disgrace and dumpster-fire movie. I am somewhat hopeful Disney will know what to do next though I'm not holding my breath.
    Instead of thinking of more revolutionary story concepts and developing the Alien and Predator franchises respectively into unique directions they opt for turning Alien into a gory sci-if-slasher and Predator into the generic alien invasion.

    BENSIN Hunter

    Nic, are you telling me that you WOULDN'T watch Hanging with the Predator? :D

    I'll try to be more articulate.

    Let's consider where Predator started off and where it is today. They started with taking themselves seriously and really trying to sell the idea of an alien hunter from another world who comes to the earth to hunt the hardest game it can find. In the case of the original film, we're talking about Dutch and his team of hardened commandos. Dutch and his boys get taken down by a single hunter who is armed with a very small amount of gear, his wrist blades, his plasma caster and his cloaking mechanism...and nothing else, save for his raw strength and stamina. This puts the original hunter on a pedestal, because one has to consider just how much skill, patience and experience it takes to eliminate a group of heavily armed men who have seen an abundance of combat in the many theaters of war they've been in. When you're done seeing the movie for the first time, assuming you're into the genre, you're left thinking about the same sentiments that Dutch had, just what the hell is this thing? Where does it come from? You're left thinking about his weapons and his motivations, not to mention that there is something out there that hunts humans the way humans hunt animals here. Perhaps we're not as high and mighty as we think ourselves to be. Most people don't consider Predator to be a movie where there is much thinking involved, that's true depending on how one looks at it. In either case, whether it's perceived by the viewer as just an action flick which can be switched off as soon as the movie is over, or something that presents lingering questions, the point is that the presentation never loses focus of what it is. It establishes the world, takes itself seriously and runs that course.

    Looking at Predator 2, a lot of people didn't like it so much when taking the first movie into consideration because they thought it was too far removed from the original. I've read and heard various dislikes which include lame humor, a departure from the focus the first film had, too many subplots and also the film being described to me as Lethal Weapon vs. Predator. A lot of us here like Predator 2, some of us don't like it so much, but in the overall sense, Predator 2 was not as well received as its predecessor. Glover's character and his crew of cops are not quite Dutch and his commandos and maybe some don't find it plausible that they could combat such an adversary. People seem to be at peace with the general consensus that Predator 2 doesn't hold up to the original.

    The AvP movies don't stem from film, but rather comics, so that's another discussion entirely. I won't touch on those.

    Predator 2, if we're looking at the core elements of the story, still looked to handle itself seriously, despite the small bits of humor sprinkled throughout. We're talking about murderous drug dealers engaged in an urban war and a shadowy government group at play with Harrigan caught in the middle. Predator is still a hunter collecting trophies, making game out of dangerous men. There is no further explanation on the Predator's intent and there is no explanation necessary.

    Fast forward. In this upcoming movie,

    we're told that these aliens are taking the spines of their kills so that they can take the spines back to their home world in order to extract human DNA with the intent of enhancing themselves. Let's think about that. We're talking about a creature that is, on average over 7 ft.+, can shatter every single feat of human strength, endurance and stamina. We're talking about creatures that possess technology that is so very clearly superior to ours. Putting our DNA into their mix seems like a downgrade, not only is it bogus, but it doesn't help the story in any way. I'm sure non-plausible plot convenience will fix that. This line of garbage makes as much sense as Skynet sending its agents back in time to steal technology from the 90s and, IN FACT, not to murder John. Say what?

    And the villain,

    said to be a 10 foot tall monstrosity, is bested by a 12 year old autistic kid. huh? What place does such a scenario have in the Predator film franchise? I don't think there is a single person on this site that would've written that even in fan fiction. I despise Predators (the movie) and I think that entire production and whoever thought it was a good idea are both hot trash, but even they weren't stupid enough to do this. I can suspend disbelief for an alien hunter from another world and all the tech he has with him, but when a 12 year old kid, autistic or not, is the hero of a Predator movie, that's where I draw the line. It's as out of place as defeating Godzilla with the power of love. It's as out of place as becoming friends with the Xenomorph by making it laugh. It's as out of place Fast and the Furious abiding by speed limits. It doesn't belong.

    Add to those broken elements:

    (These two points have been publicly revealed in interviews, so no spoiler tags.)

    - The stupid humor which won't be between people only, but will include the Predator(s),
    - Munn's character, who is not part of law enforcement, or military combat personnel in anyway, magically knows how to use guns at an expert enough level to combat these enemies...

    ...and a couple other stupid things which I will not list as they may be spoilers to some.

    We arrive at a destination that is so far and away from what Predator was that it's not even Predator any more. It uses the same name, the creature generally looks the same, but it's not Predator anymore. All the things that made Predator great have been trivialized, or removed. We're more along the lines of E.T. here.

    The point I'm making is that I can paint my Ferrari any color I want and it will still perform like a Ferrari, but if I remove the engine and put in a Honda four cylinder, retrofit the brakes from a Chrysler minivan and replace the rims and tires with slimmer components, then the car is not a Ferrari anymore. The core elements that made this thing so great are now gone and the same holds true for the Predator franchise.

    Look if you guys want to go watch the movie, have a great time. We can just agree to disagree, but I will not support this gutter trash. This is not Predator.
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    I am absolutely of the same mind that it shouldn't be supported ... and may even be petty enough that I don't want people to have a great time in a movie that ruins a monster I've gotten tattooed on my arm lol
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    Very hyped.
  11. Tallon

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    It's a bit of a 'If it ain't broke...' situation really. But FOX have decided to take a plasma caster, smart disk, scimitars, wrist blades and a kombi stick to the franchise, then skinned it and hung it on a tree with its lifeblood dripping away. Kinda wish I could return the favour.
  12. LunaticNic

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    Reshoots in march, and now rumors it's pushed back to September 14 and no trailer.

    This is just getting sad. Unless a trailer proves all this wrong, I won't go see it.
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    it has been officially postponed for massive reshoots in march, 14 september.I guess i've won my arm wresting with these stupid execs.But don't fool yourselves it's gonna be a lame movie anyway.

    Predator on Twitter
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    Shame. I kinda liked Predators.
  15. LunaticNic

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    Can't say I'm impressed ... don't like the blade, but the gauntlet looks alright.

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    Humm what are predators guy's ..... :D I first thought BESIN was freaking out like a mad boy that did not get his toy at the circus .... but suddenly i clicked the SPOILER's buttons and readed the astonishing ( in a sad way) script. BESIN your humor is at a level i cannot surpass :p but one thing for sure is that PREDATOR isnt a licorn or even a rainbow...yes he use his BOW to hunt survive in a HARSH UNIVERSE....predators do not want to be pets and BESIN is right .... extracting DNA from humans would TOTALLY be a downgrade in some ways for them...GOD! Can you bring back Stan Winston!!!!!!!!! Jeez! ... I miss him soooooooooo much right now .....Stan had great visions and knew how to choose a good orchestra for his movie musics. He also knew how to choose good concept artists as i am one of them. This frustrates me when i see a huge and huge company like FOX that jsut concentrate on the money.... jeez the last thing you need to think is the money in the movie industry or else you will fail. You want a awesome quality movie then invest on the talents of your employees and their imagination and yours first.... well I had to speak out like BENSIN and others about the upcoming THE RAINBOW AND FLOWER WARRIOR ermmm sorry THE PREDATOR :cool:o_O:lol::ninja:
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    Face/mandibles recalls Scar from AVP (very bad)
    Wrist blade recalls the stupid looking one from Predators (bad)
    The chest armor recalls Toy R Us plastic toy.
    Mouth is weird.
    Makes Wolf a masterpiece in comparison.
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  18. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Looks reasonably okay. That may just be the third scientist Predator... looking forward to seeing the trailer come out soon..
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    Yeah, I thought the mandibles looked a little long like scars ... the neck-ring looks like a downgrade from the p1 as well. Pieces of the belt that are in the light look like a jigsaw-puzzle made of eva foam ...

    Do I still look forward or want a trailer? :whistle:
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    Odd chest design, almost looks like a bust!!! Not helped by the lighting qualities at all. I don't mind the mandibles, but the mouth itself looks way too long, and very odd.
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    FOX is the EA of movie making.
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    Fox is guilty for what happened to the franchise , back in the days hack Tom Rothman greenlighted the most ridiculous scripts and now it is Snider and Watts's fault ,

    "We’ve got a “Predator” film coming out that is unexpected and utterly fresh. I just imagined that it would take 500 hours to read the script — that it would be interior jungle, exterior more jungle and then fighting happens, but Emma [Watts] went out and recruited Shane Black. From the first page, it didn’t read like a “Predator” film. It’s set in suburbia. There’s a little boy and his dad at the center of the action."

    Black and Dekker wrote up a shit script but Fox had to stop greenlighting this kind of garbage first and chose the Arizona script.

    That's why I hope the fans won't pay a dime for these people.
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  23. LunaticNic

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    Middle of April we'll get a sneak peak to see if it really ended up the train wreck we fear.
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    nah it's late april and Cinemacon exclusive now.
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    I have a feeling it's going to be hanging over us for years...

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